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My First GOP State Convention

My Opinion on my first GOP state convention

I attended my first GOP state convention today, and it left me utterly despaired. As I followed other primaries and state conventions, online, I hear the horror stories of the activities at these political events. I can see why our country is in such bad shape. I got to witness firsthand the lack of integrity. Not once did I hear what was “good for the people or the party.” It seemed to me that it was a big game to the politicians, just to see who can get the upper hand for their own personal gain.

The event was started out with a prayer; I guess the politicians think they will ask God’s forgiveness, before they start with their scams, lies, and corruption. You hear that politics is dirty business; now I have seen it with my own eyes. I see why lots of people don’t take part in our political system, you walk out after the convention and want to take a shower and wash the filth from you.

The State GOP had a Harley Motorcycle club acting as security/pages. Looking like the TV gangs. For intimidation, I presume.

Delegates were searched to keep out recording or videos in the convention room. The chairs were set so close together most people were sitting so that you were in contact with the person next to you, maybe this was done to thin the number of delegates.

I wonder how some of those with political power and play the political game are able to sleep; I wonder how they can face the people they are suppose to represent, telling them one thing and doing another.

We need to do something to hold these politicians responsible to the law of the land and to the people. Today we, the Ron Paul Revolution, lost a battle, but the war is just beginning, the Revolution is just not about one man, one office; The revolution needs to take our political system by storm, to get some honest, trustworthy people in all levels of Government.

I had thought about getting out of the politics, but now I think that I need to stay. My one voice could make a difference, especially when combined with other voices; as in our Revolution. Not only do we need to bring back our party to its original intent, we must bring back some integrity back to the party and the government.

“We the people”, the Revolution needs to start running for locals offices, committee persons, get involved with the system, expertise and experience is 2nd, The first objective is integrity and trustworthiness. I’d rather have Forrest Gump in office that some of the undependable people that are in and are being elected to offices

Stand up for your God, family and country! Get Involved

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Here's a Suggestion

I just came across a short Youtube video with the most outstanding testimony I have ever heard ... it was from a man who was in a plane crash, momentarily died and then came back. Half of his face is disfigured due to the crash and fire, yet he is a most attractive human being. Perhaps this little video, sent to all these politicians who have sold their souls for a mess of pottage, can wake enough of them up to do some good.

Check it out, it's awesome: http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=UGpxfoF3SYg&feature=related

They work through division

If you allow them to keep you seperated from the other republicans they win. You cannot open the eyes of the elites there eyes are already opened. They know what they are doing. Its the mob they build with fear that we must get to. I do believe at our convention we opened some eyes by just showing up and being good people who were concerned about our nation. This is not the picture the GOP painted for them. By just being there and letting people see we are not extremist reveals the GOP's lies. This will get the wheels of all these delegates turning. Think about this After these people seeing us for what we really are how many of them will get online to find out more about or movement? I think you might be suprised at the number if we knew it. Our conduct is very important to this movement. Remember there are many eyes on us. We must practice what we preach or we are no better than the GOP. Wouldn't it be funny if the Republicans open their eyes before the national convention and they voted in Ron Paul instead of us. I know it is unlikely but man if that happend there would be no stopping this movement. it would go from brush fire to forest fire very fast. keep working people one mind at a time. Also remember when we show up and they see their neighbors are brave and not afraid It will bring out something in them. The light of bravery will melt away fear. We are touching more people than even we know. don't stop now we must follow up and go to republican meetings we must let them see we are not leaving. I know its hard to go and watch the warmongering but we must follow up if not fear wins out and we already know what its intentions are.

You are so right

ONE voice can make a difference, look at Dr. Paul has accomplished.
Peace and I am so proud of you and your efforts.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Rise Up

You and all other real patriots for freedom and liberty are needed now more than ever.

Yes, please stay!

just because we lose one here or there, doesn't mean you give everything up! You already have this much invested, don't throw it away. We all need you! And this post is for everyone else out there who may feel the same way.

i would not of consented to being searched.

E Pluribus Unum...

.....Out of many, one.

if you build it he will come..........Ron Paul 2012.
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I agree

they were checking purses and bags taken in, The GOP should be willing to share what their doing, I guess their ashamed of what they are doing, and don't want to let "we the people" how currupt the party is.

Bikers... Bikers... Bikers...!!!

The bikers I know in Missouri are Ron Paul fans...! Living 15 miles from the state capitol, I from time to time visit the state capitol to hand out Ron Paul literature. Last month the "Bikers Rights" crew was in town having a gathering at the capitol steps, and I handed out a good pile of literature, had such a good response we did lunch together. Was even invited to their convention but I couldn't make it for being out out of town. ( am told most of the real issues get resolved at the bar the night before LOL )

These folks were VERY active in making sure their politicians were looking out for them. They have a network and newsletters to keep their members abreast of legislation... I was extremely impressed on how active this group was.

I wonder if the biker bouncers care enough to belong to the bikers rights crew ?

Ramblin Randy
Project Sunshine... Time to send the grey clouds to the McCain Camp...!
( more info to come )

Ramblin Randy

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do you think challenged

delegates were seated because their was not enought delegates on the floor to carry business? before the challenged were seated, the delegate section had LOTS of empty seats?

Just the opposite

Challenged delegates were seated because there weren't enough of them to outvote the two-thirds majority.

Thats cause you are in a police state.

You are aware King George doesn't have to get permission to declare war our marshal law any more. Police state is what we have now after mashal law they actually start killing you. What you witnessed at our convention was police state with the marking you with wrist bands. Marshal law will be when they take all those with arm bands out a side door and shoot them. So we are pretty close my friend.

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Does anybody know

why so much security at the MO convention? I felt like I was in a police state.

bump Dr. Peve


Dr. Peve Starent

Deligate expert & Internet Media Mogull

Dr. Peve Starent

Deligate expert & Internet Media Mogull

the big thing about the wording this guy put foward

was the word "all tax" Think about that for a minate if you make a producet every time something is added to it to get the product completed would be taxed. This would be a nightmare. what about tarifs what about property tax. the word "all" is not good when talking about fair tax. You could end up paying 75 % taxes. even 23% is crazy. Also remember taxing peoples income is not even legal why would you want to make it legal. when it comes to taxes people should think about how this effects everything all the way back to your home and into your wallet.

Another interesting point

The man that contested all the Ron Paul delagates put forth 4 amendments. The they were very vage and had alot to do with the teaching of our children One of them talked about making sure our children are taught the truth about there government in school. one of our people stood up and said who's truth. I could see in peoples faces they were unsure what the amendment meant. I turned around out of order and told the people setting behind me "this is not a party issue this is about your rights as a partent to teach your kids what you beleive don't fall for the double talk. They all started talking to each other and the convention kind of got out of order. confusion broke out. I turned around and said if you don't understand it vote no. 4 of the guys amendments failed. even his own people stood up against him. there were more people stand in agreement against this evil man than any vote taken at the convention. After the convention 4 of the old gaurd bigwigs came up to me at the same time and told me thanks for speaking up and being out of order to tell the people what this man really is. See when I told them not to vote for it I said this guy is a communist heheheh. Wehn I said that their eyes got real big hehehe. One of the old guys that come up to me I built his house back when Reagan was running and I remember they were just like us he would come out and tell all the workers about reagan and why we should support him.I ask him in the middle of voting if we looked familiar he smilled and said yes and he turned around and started telling me the important thing is to take over the committee chairs thats the secret. I told him thank you he seemed almost proud of us. I think we have a friend in him. These four old gaurd boys invited me to a little get together. I don't know what that really is but I'm going lol. Its at a country club and he told me don't worry about money. LOL I told him I cannot be compromised I believe in everthing Ron Paul believes in. He said he knew that but he wanted me to come anyways. One of these old guard guys come up before the convention and saw my daughter standing ther with her green badge and told her he was sorry and asked her please don't be bitter to everyone for what a few have done. It was very nice to have at least one person say that. While they had everyone in the what I called cattle pin (the place they had set up for all the unbound delegates my daughter whent to the bathroom so I went and stood at the door in case they wouldn't let her back in. While I was there one of the biker guys was at the door with what looked like a sheriff. He was talking about how they had the Ron Paul elements under control and had already got ride of a few of the extremist and sent them packing. He said not many of them had made it in because of the good job his guys were doing at this point I turned areound and said I hate to tell you this but I'm a Ron Paul supporter and there isn't one bad person in the movement. there was not one person in there that would raise a finger to hurt anyone. I told him you could hit me 20 times in the fase right know and I would not raise one finger against you. If that makes me an extremist so be it. The sheriff got red in the face and backed away from him. And he said well I didn't say Ron Paul. I looked him right in the eye and said bud I was standing right here I heard you there all good people they deserve better than that. At that time my daughter walked through the door and I followed her away while I looked the guy right in the eye as I left. He wouldn't look up he was embarresed. They would not let you take a bottled water in the convention they said it was because they could be used as a projectile. I think the masses where totally suprised by how well behaved we where and I think they also felt alot of shame in how they treated a group of very good people who love their country very much. My favorite part of the convention though was watching the very guy who stired up the trouble and contesting our delegates beining totally rejected by even his own people. 90% of the convention stood to reject his 4 amendments and after the 4th one they called to end the convention. They couldn't stand to have the people wake up anymore lol It must have been tourture for them to watch their eyes stat opening. To all the Ron Paul people I say this. These people can be woke up. Do not stop waking them up. These are our brothers and sisters that have been lulled to sleep. but they can be awakened. Ron paul is right this is just a new beginning.

Back Up a Minute, True Believer

You said, "The man that contested all the Ron Paul delegates...".

Is this a valid assertion? Do you have physical proof that one individual contested all Ron Paul delegates? Do you have a physical copy of all MO challenges, naming the challenger? Please be specific, for the sake of readers here, exactly what you meant by that comment.

yes its just a beginning

Thank you so much for your story...very uplifting.

RP08 to restore the Constitution

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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Long Live the revolution!!

thing are just getting warmed up now, let the games begin

Thanks "true_believer" for that inspiring story.

You are a great example of why this movement is going to succeed.

1) You were there.

2) You did not back down.

3) You were polite.

4) You spoke honestly from your heart.

5) You looked to learn lessons for the future.

You, and all of the other activated patriots in this movement, are exactly what the enemies of liberty fear about this movement.
And well they should.

The Virtual Conspiracy

MO Convention Fuzzy Math

Tom Hanna http://www.tom-hanna.org/?p=1467 blogged convention numbers. Still, the numbers are quite fuzzy.


First, the dais announced there were 1136 delegates and 254 alternates present, totalling 1390.

Given, the state had 374 contested delegates and alternates, including Huckabee, Paul, McCain and other supporters. Not all were present at the convention.

Credentials committee report:

29 voter registration status confirmed as outside proper county
10 libertarian party
01 libertarian candidate
14 Andrew county without proper call publication
54 total (matches Tom's count)

All other contested delegates and alternates were no longer contested in the interest of "fairness". Those present joined the main body.

Standing floor vote for rules adoption. First, those "for" stood. Then, those "against" stood. Each congressional district delegation was "counted" by its congressional district chairman. Cd chairmens' counts lacked verification by an honest verifier.

From the dais, the result of the standing vote was announced by convention grand total, not by congressional district delegation subtotal:

889 For
394 Against
1283 Total

If Tom's number approximating 1500 total seated delegates is correct, where is the 217 delegate difference?

Did 217 seated delegates abstain from the adoption of rules vote?

Did cd chairmen intentionally miscount? Or, perhaps, count and then subtract numbers not in their interest?

Were there only 1136 seated delegates at the start, then only 147 contesteds added to the floor, totalling 1283?

Fuzzy math permeates this convention's results.

Thank you

for giving us the "inside" story...this didn't make the news like Hillary's delagate problems in MI and Florida. And Bill thinks she was treated unfairly? Thanks to all of you who shared your vivid experiences...Amerikka has truly lost her freedoms when it's citizens voices cannot be heard.

I felt the same way

Arizona's convention was a huge disappointment but it could have been worse. We were not treated like others were treated in other states but it was still a farce. But, we realized that this is not a battle; it is a full blown war! So, in order to win the war it takes a lot of soldiers willing to get battered around and climb in the dirt with all of the filth. So, I am getting involved with a lot of other RPers in the PC process here in Arizona. Whatever you have to do to win your state back, do it!


"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

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Also at the MO convention

delegates were searched to make sure of no recording or videos were taken into the convention room. The chairs were set so close together most people were sitting so that you were in contact with the people on each side of you, a tactic to thin the masses?

What was good? What was bad?

Dateline: Branson, Mo

Good: Met with massive applause across the floor of the convention, MO gubernatorial candidate Hulshof said our founding fathers would be appalled at what's happened to our government.

Bad: Given an opportunity to rid all of us of the bankster/government-minion IRS, through a proposed resolution to accompany the platform that a fair tax on retail sales replace all income taxes, thus eliminating the need for an IRS, the floor voted it down by a thin margin.

Good: We held our seats, as the Call said we would. Meaning, our credentials "allowed" us to be seated as contested delegates.

Bad: Our challenges were dropped in the interest of "fairness", and thus we continued to hold our seats as delegates, because we lacked 40 people to make a one-third +1 threat to voting tallies on the floor. Party functionary apparatchniks tend to be very capable of counting first, and deciding second "for the good of the party". The net-net of this move was an attempt to "defang" those of us who had the capabability to complain to the press that the MOGOP had closed the door on its "open door policy" and "threw us out". Surmise this: if we'd had another 40 people in Branson, none of the contesteds would have been seated.

Good: Four Harley folks were present - they are at many functions as Pages.

Bad: They were posted only around contested delegates and alternates. They could have bathed before coming to work.

Good: Twelve police officers were present. Unlike CD2, they weren't armed with handguns.

Bad: They were posted only around contested delegates and alternates. The other 4/5ths of the hall was absent officers of the law.

Good: Folks from various CD's were recognized by the chair for points of information and motions.

Bad: CD2's microphone was turned-off for the first 1/2 hour while the most important "business" was accomplished, rendering CD2 unrecognized.

Good: Contested delegates were "approved" to hold their seats by majority floor vote of the Credentials Committee report.

Bad: The Convention Chair was insensitive to the fact that less than half of the contesteds had progressed from the contested area to the main body as he continued to honor motions and votes of the convention.

Good: Only after CD2's mike was turned-on, was a motion successfully made and carried that votes wouldn't take place until all contesteds joined the main body.

Bad: The pablum MO state platform was approved by floor vote because (it was already predetermined by the bean counters) that not enough votes in the main body could threaten it.

Good: The CD2 mike remained on for the rest of the session, enabling citizens to voice points of information and motions, according to the rules of the convention.

Bad: 1000-pound Chris Brown and his squadron of CD2 stormtroopers marched into the area and setup defensive positions around the CD2 microphone (same as they'd done at CD2) to protect the 'homeland' from the voices of liberty.

The squadron, commanded by CD2 Sub-Fuerher Rich Magee, meant to quell any "disturbances", or "questions" of the Arch-Furher, as "questions" might have proved embarrassing to the convention and the 'leaders' at the dais.

If Kapitan Magee would reign in these monkeys with a shorter-leash, maybe even cage them and let American freedom rule, then this observer wouldn't have much to report in this regard.

In summary, you had a bunch of dippsy-doodles in charge of a convention in Missouri who've yet to learn how to listen to citizens interested in true freedom.

Sheesh! Sure glad the fair

Sheesh! Sure glad the fair tax was defeated. This would mean the rich pay a whole lot less (they invest a lot of money) and the poor will have to come up with 23% more to buy food and necessities. It is a horrible idea and I sure would vote against it too.

Fair Tax Question

If the MO convention fair tax resolution excluded national sales tax on all groceries and items of necessity (like toilet paper), would you vote for it?

Was Impressed That Sarah Steelman Running For Governor .....

of Missouri had the guts to attend the Ron Paul rally Friday night in Branson. Where was Hulshof?


Yes was impressed that Steelman attended Ron Paul Rally

She has guts, I like that. I think she had a great speech at the convention too

Thanks for the contribution on

your experience at the convention. I share just about all of your experience that I had at the Nevada Convention. We are going against the status quo the even the establishment is surprised at our resolve. We only want fairness and equal opportunity to be part of the process. Yet we are fighting for the this country was founded on and be truly be represented by our elected officials, not some special interest agenda.

Thank you, for this glimpse into

what is going on. Your experience might make for a great essay or book, it might even be a best seller. People are curious about the secret process what really goes on. Think about how your story could expose what is happening and your desire to TAKE back what belongs to the American people their government. I commend you for your efforts and hope that you realize you have a very valuable experience that could help the rest of us in our attempts. Peace

"My Liberty depends on Your Liberty" Alex Jones to Ron Paul

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."