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By: Devvy
May 26, 2008

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Despite the massive, overwhelming documentation proving that elite groups around the world have been planning the complete annihilation of this constitutional republic for a more than a hundred years, Americans continue to deny, deny, deny. Let me give you this example. It's an email I received a few days ago regarding a January 7, 2005, column I wrote titled, President Bush supporting global communist domination:

"That is the most absurd statement I have ever heard and you fail to detail just how this is transpiring. Either you are outright ignorant or you are joking. Communism is the exact opposite of what Georgie boy stands for. He is a capitalist and has tried to kill suspected terrorist communist Hugo Chavez. How in hell do you equate Bush with communism? You are too absurd to even bother with!"

I politely directed him to two columns for research: The Proper Role of America's Military and The Praetorian Guard. Of course, this person never bothered to get the facts from them because he addressed me as Sir in a snit he fired off:

"Sir, I have three graduate degrees, taught history and education courses in colleges and am 67 years old and I have done more research than you can even imagine. I eschew lying television news but you sound like a Fox bred brat. Don't tell me to do any more research, yours was faulty and at some two bit college no doubt. I am a big ten man. Get lost with your bunk! "

Wow! He's a big ten man! It is just this level of ignorance and denial that has allowed the destroyers to bring this nation to the brink of ruin and a police state. A closed mind is a dangerous weapon.

This country is full of Americans who also suffer from a mass case of infantilism. A couple of months ago a man who identified himself as a college professor wanted me to review his book. While I am sincerely flattered, it's impossible for me to read every request from individuals who write books. My Reading Room has a list of books I have read which I need to update it because I've read another hundred books since the posting. In any event, when I politely declined, this author sent me a snotty email telling me I was making a big mistake, his book had facts no one else had! Just like a little kid who can't have his way.

Hundreds, if not thousands of writers and investigative journalists have been pumping out the facts on the implementation of a one world government. We have exposed the players, the organizations and the politicians. We have exposed the corrupt "mainstream" media (print and electronic), including cable networks (MSNBC, FAUX, CNN) who lie through omission and openly support those who are carrying the water for the global lunatics. Our biggest cannon has been the Internet. This tool has allowed us to reach millions of Americans with the truth and we will continue to do so. However, the bottom line as I have said so many times before is that only we the people can stop these united States of America from becoming part of a global region is by rejecting the agenda.

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We are taking back

the GOP. I was an Independent but I'm staying and helping other RP supporters win elections. This is it, we know what to do GET INVOLVED, stick together and make it happen. People don't know what Freedom is they think they live it. Peace

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Non-violent revolution is the only way to win.

"People talk about the liberty of the Christian Church, about giving or not giving freedom to Christians. Underlying all these ideas and expressions there is some strange misconception. Freedom cannot be bestowed on or taken from a Christian or Christians. Freedom is an inalienable possession of the Christian".

"If we talk of bestowing freedom on Christians or withholding it from them, we are obviously talking not of real Christians but of people who only call themselves Christians. A Christian cannot fail to be free, because the attainment of the aim he sets before himself cannot be prevented or even hindered by anyone or anything".
Leo Tolstoy

Very good observation!

People just don't want to be bothered to research and learn the truth. And if they already have a belief, different from what the facts prove, they believe you've insulted their intelligence.

If it doesn't come fast and easy, wrapped in a bow, they aren't interested.

The coming depression will wake a few more people up. But, without financial freedom, it's nearly impossible to help others to become free too.

The fast and easy was part of the plan of keeping us out of their way while all the basics were implemented.

I could have a full time job just writing to my legislators on a daily basis of all the freedom-killing bills that they pass without any hesitation! Not to mention all the other ways they are literally killing us with drugs, vaccinations, chemtrails, CODEX, and on and on!

I am mentally exhausted trying just to keep my family updated on this crap. They think I am over-reacting! Perhaps I am. I want them to take charge and be safe, while still enjoying their lives!
It's a TALL order!

You are a true patriot.

Just remember to enjoy what you can out of life when you can.
It IS a tall order. Take some breaks every now and then,or you'll start looking like Alex Jones with big bags under your eyes.
Remember we're in this together..

The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

It's time to make fun of them

I was talking with a group of guys (we are all running for central committee), and the subject of Mr. Jones came up. One of them made the point that he is largely ineffective because his tone is just too much for most sheeple to take, and even brings his credibility down a notch or two in many sheeple's minds. He also said that many people just don't want to hear what he has to say after hearing about all the murders, robberies, and corruption that the "mainstream" news constantly spews to promote fear.

This got me thinking that we need an internet radio show that uses humor to ridicule the efforts of the NWO... kind of a Colbert Report on steroids. Make them sound silly and inept... point out all the stupid shit they've already tried that has been shot down in the courts or exposed by the new media. Their has to be a way to make waking people up more palatable.

"The word "revolution" seems to conjure up images of sort of a modern day version of peasants going into the street with their pitchforks. They go after the bad guy who lives in a big house someplace on the hill, and we're gonna give it to the workers, ya know. That's not the kind of revolution I had in mind. Well I thought that it might be nice if it was handled in a more modern and efficient way, without people getting slaughtered in the street... It's a matter of infiltration."

-- Frank Zappa

There are some good shows coming up out there.

PNAC Project for the new American Citizen
Are some University of Texas students that do a similar humor type show.-)

The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security