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Ron Paul not allowed into the MN state convention

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It was a joke!!!!!

I was at the convention!! They made Ron Paul speak outside, it had stormed the night before and was supposed to again that day but we were lucky it didn't. As a matter of fact when Ron took the stage the sun came out for a short while!! Inside the whole thing was a joke, I recieved a letter with a list of people I should vote for that wanted to unite the party. I brought the list with me so I would know who NOT to vote for. We were railroaded and blown off through the whole FAKE process. I am ashamed to be from MN and how terrible to make such a great man stand outside to speak!!! He had more right to be in there then anyone else!! There are vidoes on you tube about how the convention went.


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Make fun boys,

You better believe there will be blowback one day, no way am I leaving that party now, I'm staying and I'm going to help Dr. Paul take it back. When we take it back HE will speak at that damn convention. Peace

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I suppose that we now know what MN Republican Party people need to be opposed in any of their upcoming bids to retain their positions.

Make 100% sure that they all have opposition challengers from us.

Your absolutely right!!



This is terrible

Ron Paul was not allowed to speak. He should be able to speak because he has brought so many people to the GOP. He is part of the GOP more than MCCain will ever be...we have some work to do.



So, how come they have all this interview footage then cut to the anchorman who says: "Paul says he knows his presidential run is over" you would think if he really said that they would put that part of the clip in rather than "Paul says" hmm.