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Dollar is Healthy

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Oh, yeah! Newsmax - Ya get a free Ann Coulter 'best seller'

with a subscription. But Newsmax ain't quite in the Big League (Rense, Debka and Stratfor)

I thought hard assets like god gold,oil,drugs stay about even it

is the floating currency that changes?FIAT,The irainians oil borse,greenspan over in the gulf 2 month ago telling them to dump usd oil in 01 27 $ now oil in 08 135$so who the fucnk are you trying to kid jackoff you serpents are very suttle just not to bright!There are none so blind as those who will not see!

There are none so blind as those who will not see!

Very rational article

It's good to read an article running counter to the psychosis du jour.

People who see the dollar on the edge of a cliff are probably new to this game...whenever inflation runs up a little bit, they assume it's accelerating madly and dump anything to do with the dollar.

People ran from dollar based, and into "inflation proof" investments...namely, oil and precious metals. The implied hyperinflation in the dollar lost steam, and the dollar began to recover and improve...so guess what happens next?

We've seen gold unwind from the insanity...which is the next to unwind? Oil has turned the corner, and we should see a substantial fall back to the price per barrel in 2007.

When the little guy

and housewives start buying gold, that leads me to believe that the market is topping out. The smart money that's already in it has to hype it up in order to create a market to cash out at a profit, leaving the little guy holding the bag.

and less then one tenth of

and less then one tenth of of one percent is buying now.. on my block NO one is buying ... the poulation on the daily paul is so small its not even going to register.. and then only a small percent are buying.. its amazing how jzneff, greedisbad, and billydee show up at the same time on this thread late at night... to discredit and distort! you butt buddies need to give this up! you must call eachother to jump on these threads.. what this tells me is that your working for someone trying to discredit! and put out disinformation! amazing! lol!

Childish insults

First of all...I get on late at night because during the day, I have other matters to attend to...like a job, a family, and a life. Sorry I can't discredit your nonsense when it's convienent to you.

No...I don't call anyone to "disinform". I don't know anyone on this site personally...nor do I have a secret agenda other than to try to calm down panic and fear...for it isn't befitting of a site of educated freedom lovers.

I'm working for someone? Yes...i'm working for someone...but my job has nothing to do with loggin onto the internet and disinforming. This is my pleasure, and it often feels good because I have informed discussions with people...but you are not an example of one of those people...you are a child, and when you're being exposed as a sky is falling uneducated panic mongerer, you resort to calling me a butt buddy misinformer...well, you don't have Jzneff to kick around...for i'm going to bed.

Don't listen to me...sell everything you own for a magic bean that will levitate you away from all of this.

You detective you!

You figured it out. We CONSPIRED to show up at the same time. Conspiracies are everywhere. They just have to be found. That's where you come in.

I think more people are likely to get sucked in, unfortunately.

BUT, it doesn't mean that the dollar is healthy. Of course, it all depends on what "healthy" means.

My concern is that most people would not benefit or many people might get hurt badly, even if they were right.
This is a very troubling time and people have to be extremely cautious, as far as I can see.

BTW, I am NOT saying that gold is topping out at this point. In fact, I doubt that gold is topping out. I have a feeling that it would start to move up relatively, soon. But, It doesn't look like many gold buyers would actually benefit from gold, in the end. But, what do I know?

"first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks...will deprive the people of all property" -Thomas Jefferson

government of the people, by the people, for the people

insanity in gold??/ do you

insanity in gold??/ do you realize that if you took actual inflation statistics from 1980 the true price of gold should be 2300.00+
look up the facts.. NOTHING GOES STRAIGHT UP! GOLD WILL HIT 1200.00 this year.. silver I think atleast 50.00! hell silver hasn;'t even approached its all time high yet because the market is manipulated! even more so then gold! as for OIl you could be right! i'm not sold on the 200.00 per barrel price.. if we bomb Iran and Iran shuts down the straights ..
then 200.00 will be low! but thats a big if!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

The 2300+ was the manipulated

The price in the 1980's was the manipulated price, and did not represent the true value of gold. Look at the graph after this point...see it collapse by over 50% of its value?

This was at the tail end of heavy inflation where worthless pundits were telling you...

"The dollar is collapsing, and will never stop. The only way to ensure you will have anything left for your money is to buy gold and buy it now."

They did, and lost more than half of their savings. Gold went from around $850 per oz to around $300 per oz in less than 2 years. The rise in gold from around $100 in 1976 to $850 in 1980 was the textbook definition of a bubble. What's happening today? Gold has gone from $300 per oz in 2002 to over $1000 earlier this year...and you're saying BUY???

You're supposed to buy low, and sell high.

yea and I did i Bought at

yea and I did i Bought at 255.00 and 300.00 but thats beside the point.. we have no Paul volker to right the ship! also we didn't have a collapsing housing market, 700 TRILLION IN DERIVATIVES, A 60 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT PRIVATE, CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENT, FED, STATE AND LOCAL govnts.. THE US WAS A CREDITOR NATION NOT A DEBTOR NATION! WE STILL HAD JOBS! THE TIMES DURING THE EARLY 80's are much different then now! were in unchartered territory now if you think this period is even close to the late 70's early 80's inflation your wrong! WE EXPORTED GOODS! NOT imported ... BECAUSE OUR JOBS WERE NOT SENT OVER SEAS to cheaper labor!
we were the leading exporter of FOOD NOW WE IMPORT FOOD! much different times my friend and also! during that time we were not in a War.. we were out of Viet name 4 years earlier.. last I have seen were still in this one! ANOTHER HUGE MONEY PIT! LOL wake up dude!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

Pulling a Volker is not possible right now

They cannot madly increase interest rates...because that would bring about catastrophic deflation...plus, we aren't to the point of stagflation yet.

The US was a creditor nation in the 1980's...really??? Are you sure?

This is not uncharted territory...please go read a book on the Japanese real estate bubble in the 1990s...that is the most similar to our situation today. The chicken littles were crying about the major Japanese banks going under...and not one did. They were predicting the total collapse of the Yen...nope, didn't happen. This is very charted waters actually, just on a much larger scale and with a much stronger economic base.

Talk of cheap labor reminds me of mercantilism. Sometimes it is good to import, like when another country can make goods significantly cheaper than your country. We have an industrial base....yes, much smaller than in 1968, but still here...we don't make widgets, we only have high tech production and heavy industry now. We let the Mexicans make the steel, the Banladeshi's make the soccer balls, the Taiwanese make the mircoprocessors, and we make the 787's.

We were in the 'nam for 12+ years, and had many more troops....at one point, more than half a million Americans were in Vietnam...you cannot say the same for the Iraq war.

Please study the Japanese economics of the 1990's, and report back to me on the differences to where we are today.

Good ole' Max.

First he says the dollar isn't dropping -- it's finally "on par" with other currencies. That's interesting. Isn't the world's reserve currency supposed to HOLD its value in order to provide a stable global marketplace? If allowed to drop below the pound, Canadian dollar, Euro, etc., the US dollar has lost it's place as the world's currency just as the British Pound Sterling did after WWII. Once this occurred, the pound sunk like a stone. Research British post-War history and see what happened to the British economy. Also, if the US dollar has been usurped by the Euro and various other currencies, there is no need for other countries to buy the dollar. What happens to a product that nobody buys? The price drops. Countries holding dollars in reserve no longer want to hold them and begin to sell for better performing currencies -- the dollar decline accelerates.

Secondly, Max states, "If you need further evidence, I call your attention to the Bear Stearns event. It is acknowledged by astute financial centers around the world that our Fed saved the world�s financial system from possible implosion."

Excuse me but you can hardly have a healthy dollar (again, the world's reserve currency) and have a possible financial implosion. Just what currency does he think most of the derivatives are in, pesos?

This guy is nothing but a shill. He is an "income" man -- not an "asset" man. The more money Joe and Jane Doe put into gold and silver, the less there is to invest in stocks. Max and his employers only want what's good for them, not you.

The US dollar is absolutely not healthy. Anyone that says otherwise wants to steal from you.


Lisa C.


"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."

-Dale Carnegie

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Good post,Lisa..

Glad I stopped by.

"I have once heard that the ability to resist temptation is the truest measure of a mans character."

Dustin Hoffman to Steve McQueen

The impression that she gives me is that she is not very

experienced in this market.

"first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks...will deprive the people of all property" -Thomas Jefferson

government of the people, by the people, for the people

EXACTLY Lisa!, and all those

EXACTLY Lisa!, and all those billions of dollars created out of thin air for bearstearns have to come home to roost! right now the governemnt disinformation agents are only trying to postpone the inevitable! they know what is coming! 300 million mad and angry Americans who lost jobs, homes retirements and the best standard of living the world has ever seen!.. when the STUPID SHEEP of this country finally wake up and realize what has happened to them I would not want to be in government,
a judge, or any other traitorous piece of garbage! Did you know that the fed.Government came in and bought all of mountain house Freeze dried foods inventory and production for a whole 2 months?? why would the government be buying freezedried storage food? what do they know that the American public does not?!!!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

Bullish BULL

I'm a speciality contractor, my supplier hiked his wholesale price twenty percent a couple of months ago so my price per foot has also increased. Prices go up because the value of the dollar drops. Who are you kidding?

Culture is Religion externalized.



as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

I agree

Inflation calculation is not very honest...there have been some specific changes in the last 15 years that hide the true inflaiton levels...

But if you calculate inflation using honest methods not factoring in these changes....you get around 6-7%. That sucks, and it isn't fair...but most of recent price increases are due to fuel prices.

I posted This

because I am looking for counter points. May I start a List? I'll submit what I see as number 1 on the list......Please add to it.

1. The author doesn't discuss inflation.

Inflation is a constant

The volitility in the market has nothing to do with inflation...it's the implied inflation that has been threatened...but even when measuring by honest standards...inflation is around 6-7% per year.

Anyone who claims higher inflation is probably trying to sell you something or just plain uninformed about economics. Inflation is not taking off any time soon.

This article is right for the most part...we're seeing the light and the dollar is rebounding. inflation will return, but it will not touch 10% unless he printing gets crazier or the economy begins to contract.

When someone speaks of $200 oil or hyperinflation of the dollar, keep your wallet in your front pocket.

your post on inflation is

your post on inflation is rediculous... 3 years ago I could buy a gallon of milk for 2.50 per gallon.. now its 5.00! what is that inflation rate? what about 1.50/gallon gas now at 4.00? what is that inflation rate.. my favorite alice springs chicken at outback steakhouse was 8.00.. how its 14.50 and a smaller portion! what is that inflation rate?? your right you don't know ecomomics.. then on my ranch.. it cost me 800.00 a year ago to fertilize my pastuers.. this year it was 1400.00 what is that inflation rate??
I sold calves for 400.00 bucks last august.. now were getting 600.00 and the price is supposed to be up another 100.00 to 200.00 in the fall! I don't know what planet you live on but it isn't this one.. then with my other business we are now GETTING 15% PRICE INCREASES ON OUR MATERIALS! PER MONTH.. MY CUSTOMERS ARE SCREAMING! Sorry JZ but your full of it when it comes to inflation!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD


I just paid $3.19 for a gallon of milk...I don't know where you're buying your milk, but I have a bridge i'd like to sell...

The drive up in the price of food recently is not inflation...it is a consequence of higher fuel prices.

The fuel prices are not inflation either...inflation is not running that fast, nowhere near. Inflation could not have doubled the price of oil in a year, or else you would see it in currency exchange. Not every price that increases is a consequence of inflation.

Things are getting expensive because of fuel...do you think prices will stay that high when the oil market collapses back to reality?

if the dollar is inflating as fast as you're making it appear to be...what's your explanation as to why the dollar hasn't lost much compared to other currencies recently???

Is the world economy experiencing hyperinflation?

Increased prices do not mean inflation. Some things become more rare or higher in demand, and the price goes up. That's called the law of supply and demand.


I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE DECLINE OF THE DOLLAR RECENTLY!!! LOOK OVER A 7 YEAR PERIOD..!!! during that 7 year period the dollar rebounded and then went down sharply again.. I was trading euros when the euro hit 126.00 to the dollar to watch it go back to 1.05 to the dollar then watched it hit 135.00 then rebound down to 1.20 then back to 160.00.. now down a measly 5 cents to 1.55.. LMAO and your talking about recently! GO BACK 7 YEARS!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

You've contradicted yourself....and i'm done with this discussio

"I don't care about the decline of the dollar recently"

Then what are we talking about? Milk suddenly "doubles" in price (BS) and you're claiming it's inflation.

55% inflation (it's nowhere near that) is not hyperinflation, is not indicitive of anything different than it's been in 60+ years, and is not indicitive of a major collapse. You are panicing, but let rational though and perspective take over, and you'll see this is nothing new.

Maybe he's buying

goat's milk.

Oh no way

Thats all I had to do is change the channel! Gas prices, food prices inflating, the dollar tanking, war is raging, freedom is failing, rights are being taken away, and all I have to do is change the channel and watch some football cause its better for me. Oh the epiphany. Come on how do these guys get these jobs. The dollar is fine if you don't follow it. Follow football it will make you friends. They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to live it. I think thats the way George Carlin said it.



as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

Get ready to be called "troll"

A lot of people around here don't like to hear anything positive opinions about the economy. It's blasphemy. We're about to go into the 2nd Great Depression, and that's that.

No, we're going into a

No, we're going into a Weimar Republic style currency collapse, not a depression.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States