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Important Lesson from the Scott McClellan Books and Interviews

You may wanna take a look at this yourself but something he mentioned stuck in my head and I thought... a weakness! A chink in the armor!


He said the White House was "compartmentalized" Apparently very few know everything thats going on... I sincerely doubt Bush is even aware! But this is a sever weakness! Because this breeds mistrust... it may allow "plausable deniability" but shining a light on the truth unsettles everyone. Just like with McClellan their looking over each other's shoulders for the next McClellan!

We need to keep shining the light! Pointing out whats going on!

The CIA's activities in Venezula, Pakistan and Iran. The out right fraud and misconduct in Iraq and Afghanistan. The administration's selling secrets... look up Sibel Edmunds! The corruption in Washington... because each time a truth comes out...it puts pressure on someone to turn. We need to keep putting out the truth and looking for those that may have information that can help and let that light burn brighter!

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Did anybody pick up on this?

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