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Another related poll has another poll - I don't know how long it will continue, I just found it and it says it is a daily poll but Paul is featured several places in the comments, but doesn't show up in the rankings.

Also, the WND article says she will be interviewing "the rest" (She already has done Hunter and Tancredo), so maybe a nice email asking when Ron Paul's interview is scheduled might be in order.

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I think it would be good to e-mail and ask about the Ron Paul interview.
I understand that the interview is being rescheduled, but a nice
e-mail wouldn't hurt.


Cyclone Conservatives Poll

New poll released

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Ron Paul's faithful followers came in droves to Cyclone Conservatives and really fueled the Congressman's victory in the February 17 to March 17 poll.

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~I'd rather die at the hands of terrorism than enslaved by my own government.~

~I'd rather die at the hands of terrorism than enslaved by my own government.~

Dr. Paul to be interviewed tomorrow on

A Preview of Janet's Guest March 15, 2007

Brian Heyer, CPA
Owner, Heyer Capital, LLC

Brian Heyer, CPA
Owner, Heyer Capital, LLC

He was called for a vote

I'm listening right now:

But Dr. Paul was called for a vote so wasn't available at the top of the hour, but she said she would reschedule him.

The show is from the religious right, but they are really tired of having candidates not follow through.

I doubt Dr. Paul will have any trouble handling himself. If nothing else, his lack of triangulation should be a winner. For example, he doesn't support a federal ban on Abortion, but he doesn't support the myriad of other federal bans which are no business of the federal government. There is no federal ban on murder as far as I know (though certain murders of federal officials might be federal crimes, but treason and piracy are that too).

Or as I've noted, he has a solid track-record. He has never to my knowledge compromised in the 9 terms.

Every politician promises what they will do if elected. Paul's record of keeping his promises should be 100%. Can anyone think of any contradiction?