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Hey stevep how can we unite when you keep insulting us???

To me 911 is the smoking gun !!!
To me its not a conspiracy theory!!
To me its about asking hard questions!!
To me im more suprised such a quote "smart guy" as you
would be carefull as not to offend alot of people with such a blanket statement as to insinuate you know the truth 100%
and we idiots know 0% but as long as we do as you say you non delegate actor acting like some self elected leader that served his porpose already,you job was valuable but is now over move on your 15 minutes is over thuthers run this bitch so relax homie we got this you are to soft to look the monster in the eye!! practice what you preach you selfcenterd ignorant
yuppie nose in the air genius!

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There is a big diffrence in

knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge can be gained from many diffrent sources be they good or bad. It is mearly a collection of data. Wisdom comes from only one place. Wisdom comes understanding. There are only two sources of understanding one is from evil one is from good. A better way to say this is one comes from man and the other is from outside of man. Wisdom Rights and morals come from the same source. God! These come from realizing that flesh must look outside itself for the higher ground because flesh is flawed. Wisdom is a blessing given by God. I would sooner have one drop of wisdom than a whole sea of knowledge. You can catch a man fish today and feed him for a day or you can teach a man to fish and it will feed him for a lifetime. Both of these are knowledge A man can gain the knowledge of begging you to catch him some fish and be a slave his whole life or he can gain the understanding that to be free he must learn how to provide for himself and maybe find the wisdom that he can also pass this skill on to the next generation thus providing for his family food and freedom for many generations.

I put this on another post and thought it might be relevant here

The only thing I think Steve has a problem with is his incapacity to view those less knowledgeable in the political process as being equal. His only fault is reflection. Maybe he too was once put down for his lack of knowledge, and so studied hard and learned the ropes. There is a big difference between being 'smart' and being 'intellegent'. One that is 'smart' has focused his energy on gaining knowledge, the purpose of this 'knowledge' is used as a defence mechanism. It is the movement of insecurity trying to become secure, it is the fear of being made 'small' through intellectual argument, and the feeling of needing to be able to defend oneself in the event that this may happen in the future. There is quite a difference with intellegence. Intellegence begins with the perception that there is total equality between all living things. There too is the perception that there is no 'absolute' knowledge, for knowledge is always building upon itself. Intellegent is the brain that is always questioning, inquiring into its current experience. It is easily seen in children. To be less educated, less knowledgeable about the things created by man is no sign, no measurement, of unintellegence. The intellegent person is he who experiences compassion, which is the ability to understand your fellow man by seeing that he is the reflection of you. That does not mean that you are sad because he is sad, or you are happy because he is happy, it means you are understanding/open to his sadness/happiness for it is not alien to you. For example the 'smart' person says 'I understand your sadness, I've felt like that before and this is what you should do to fix it'. The 'intellegent' person says, 'I understand you are sad, I am here for you.'

Steve is smart, and so are many, many millions of other people in this world. It is they who butt heads with each other through 'my knowledge' as opposed to 'your knowledge'. It is the intellegent/compassionate person that is lacking in this world. It is they who approach problems as puzzles, as something only resolveable through questioning, inquiring into the current experience.


Enonesoch ... I enjoyed

Enonesoch ... I enjoyed reading your post. Very thoughtful :-)

ps please tell me what conspiracy theories you speak of?

The new world order was the biggest of all the conspiracy so please learn your ass from a hole in the ground!please!911 was an inside job!There are none so blind as those who will not see!

There are none so blind as those who will not see!