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We don't got time to bleed...

It would seem that the good ol' boy network was caught off guard in the Nevada Convention, but they are onto us and have pulled out every dirty trick in the book in the conventions that followed.

I applaud all who attended, but it seems to me like it was trying to fight a hurricane with a window fan. Sure, we had some small successes here and there, but nothing that will get Ron Paul into the White House.

I believe time is short, real short, for this election cycle.
But, we still have a chance at winning it all.

We need to get Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura together at a 3rd party run for the White House.

We need to at least get the two camps talking.

The Ron Paul / Jesse Ventura poll that was posted on DailyPaul has so far recieved 300 votes in favor and 13 against.

So, that is a pretty good indication, that liberty loving people would support the pair.

Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura on the same ticket would be unstoppable.

I believe, that if anyone could make this happen, it would be members of the Ron Paul Revolution.

I know many of you guys are much smarter than me about how to make it happen, so please, post some information on this thread on who to call, or who to e-mail, or who to contact.

But, this is only my opinion.

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Why do you assume they haven't talked. How do you know that everyone is not exactly where they are suppose to be. How do you know that the Ron Paul revolution isn't a big movement that guides smaller movements or if it is a small movement that is part of a bigger movement. What if its a movement to distract people from seeing another movement. What if its not even a movement but a few spammers in their moms basment. If you don't know the answers to these questions just keep pushing the freedom message get active in the republican party run for office become a committeman for your precinct. Tell everyone you know what is going on in this country. Those who want to get something bigger going get a name start a liberty movement of your own. We already share the same ideaology. So its not like we all have to do the same thing to get the same end result. Everyone is a follower and everyone is a leader. Like Ron Paul said get your confidence back America. Join something make something but by all means do something.

Brilliant response!

I can't wait to float the RP/JV rumor out to my soon-to-be-former neo-con buddies...;-)

"Basically I'm in the idea business — whether it's a musical idea or a spoken idea ... If you wind up with a political system that wants to put idea men out of business, then you have worry on your hands."

-- Frank Zappa

Its worth a shot!

If the DP has any power left this would sure be a way to prove it!

We could sit back and theorize about it. But if we could just get them together to talk about it would be a great achievement. We must get them to AT LEAST talk. That will not hurt anything.

Let's do ALL WE CAN to get em to talk. There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with an effort like that. Just a few hours out of their day to possibly take this country back.

Is that worth it?

I think so.

We need to actively promote em. Get em together and let them decide.

We have already given so much. I believe it is deserved.

Lets try... it is the least we can do. Thousands have died and THOUSANDS more will die. We must get them together.

Do all you can. I have done all I can. Now it is up to the rest of you.


Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Lets be real here...Ron will

Lets be real here...Ron will not be the president this year...its over. We are running for delegates to influence the platform. To expect a full delegate revolt or to go third party at this point is foolish. Go to the convention, raise some eyebrows, and focus on filling the House and Senate with Constitutionalists. Raise awareness for the issues.

Do something productive, Like waking some people up. These speculations and dream tickets are a waste of time and a diversion.

Fanstasy Unfledged-Please support local music.

We are being real here.

We know that he is not going to get the nomination. We know he is 72 and not going to run again. We know that time is running short,and the tyranny is being ramped up RAPIDLY. We know that we will not have a candidate like him in our lifetime. We know that BOTH parties are corrupt and for the same globalist agenda.
We know that Jesse Ventura is VERY popular.
We know that RP would get many more votes as an independent running with JV
We know that RP could do much more in the White House than barking at ,Bernake,Condi,or,Petreus as a Congressman.
We know that as RP said that 90% of the country thinks we are heading in the wrong direction.
We know that 48% are not satisfied with the current candidates.
We know that going to the convention and raising a few eyebrows,aint gonna cut it.
We need someone in the White House NOW that will stop the bleeding.
The time is much more ripe for an independent run,than it was when Ross Perot ran.
The GOP needs to be punished for rejecting the only most honest man in Washington.

It is equally foolish to rule this out, as it is to try and be buddy buddy with a party that has pulled every dirty trick in the book.
I came to win,not to make friends in the GOP.

The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security


WE NEED RON IN CONGRESS, IF HE GOES 3RD Party he loses his seat!!




The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security


What part of NO third party run do you not understand?

RP didn't know JV was available.


The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security


I have been intently watching all Ron Paul interviews for probably the last year. Ron Paul has always said that a 3rd party run was 99% improbable or something to that effect.

Ron Paul has been battling for our freedom alone for quite some time.

But if we can ally him with Jesse Ventura, who has been waiting and watching in the wings, then all bets are off, and a 3rd party run becomes plausible.

Just search for Jesse Ventura on Youtube and watch the videos, and then decide if Paul/Ventura or Ventura/Paul ticket is feasible.

But, this is only my opinion.

maybe we should start up a meetup

and have one huge meetup so we can have a message baord for everyone. We need a way to keep in contact with each other in case Ron Paul sites start going down after the convention.


would make a lot more sense. That would be powerful combo, politically.

You my friend

Are a true ass. You never told me how much you were being paid. Let me go ahead and tell you it's not enough.

And tell who ever is writing the manual on how to push Barr that they are doing a horrible job. You need new material.

We can all say what needs to be done, but who here led by example today?

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

Oh, now you are just

Oh, now you are just insulting Ron Paul...

Why should America's elder statesman and Champion of the Constitution be the Veep of that bureaucratic little weasel?

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Ron Paul has already said,

That he could not endorse Barr.

Not quite

He didn't say he "could not endorse Barr." He says he's not going to endorse anybody. He said he wants his supporters to decide for themselves who they're going to vote for.

In his words:

Newsweek: "After the convention, will you endorse a candidate?"

Paul:"I'm not going to tell [my supporters] what to do. The support was really organized outside the campaign, so it'd be kind of odd to say, "Well, now that you've all come together, I'm going to tell you what you ought to do." They'll figure out what to do."

Newsweek: "What are your feelings toward [Libertarian nominee] Bob Barr?"

Paul:"We're pretty friendly. We're allies, he's a good friend. He has called me a couple times recently, so it's very cordial."


I think Barr/Paul would be highly unlikely though, because I don't think Paul wants to hurt his credibility of trying to be a transformer of the Republican Party. He has entrenched himself in that role so much that I don't think he could go Libertarian.

The point is

That Barr voted for the Patriot Act and for the war in Iraq. Ron Paul would not endorse him either. So he IS NOT QUALIFIED or fit to run this country. God only knows we dont need any more idiot's running this country.

Dr. Paul also

said that Barr could do a "very good job" as president: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5YaqKf-yTg

Billy Dee

Your favorite Barr surely has got his own message board... if not, how come you are not compelled to launch a big forum for him and spread the word that way. Far more productive. Here you only come off as a fool.

Believing that you can stop us from disinformation.... my goodness me, humility is not one of your traits, but, I guess, that only adds to your foolishness.

This Bob Barr obsession of

This Bob Barr obsession of yours - while making for good entertainment - has become tiresome. I have a link for you - godaddy.com - get yourself a domain and start up a Bob Barr site.

Then you're going to get a lot more tired

because I'm not going to stop.

GOOD! Because I love your

GOOD! Because I love your posts...they are a great source of amusement.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States


to hear it!

What are you trying to

What are you trying to accomplish (other than being an irritant, at which you've succeeded)?

I'm trying to accomplish informing people against

all the misinformation and disinformation here, on all topics, including Barr. As well as just to engage in interesting conversation and debate. What are you trying to accomplish?

Well I'm glad we've found an

Well I'm glad we've found an authority on all topics in you, Billy. We were lost until you came!

To answer your question, I'm here because I love Ron Paul and his message. If I was interested in Bob Barr, I'd be on his site right now.

Bob Barr

is a convert to the same libertarian revolution Dr. Paul is involved in. Discussion of Barr is very relevant here, especially since Paul supporters aree going to have to figure out what candidate to support when Paul's presidential run is over. Paul is not going to be a candidate in the general election; he will not register as a write-in.

Umm yeah. 'Cause everybody

Umm yeah. 'Cause everybody here would vote for a Barr/Root ticket after Root's comments (discussed earlier today). Not so much.

You don't get it do you?

Barr is not going to be elected president. All that this is about is getting a libertarian message on the debate stage against McCain and Obama. Barr is the best shot at that since he already is polling around 5 or 6%. If Barr doens't get 15% polling, then there will be NO voice for freedom in the nationally televised debates. It will just be McCain and Obama on stage. Is that what you prefer?

A few debates aren't going

A few debates aren't going to do squat. All the dullards will be watching American Idol.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States