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Where to now for the R3VOLution?

Ron Paul R3VOLutionaries are wondering what to do? Where to go? Whom to support? Now that Ron Paul is winding down his campaign. They had been waiting for someone to come along and reinforce what they believed. To lead the protest. To rally the like minded.

Ron Paul was that man. A man of principle. A man whose decades of record matched his thoughts. A man of vigor.

But now the deadlines are approaching. Today (Tuesday) will be the final primaries. The state conventions are winding down. In the second week of September, the National GOP Convention will pass. More and more people who have been recently educated as to the big lie that is the election process will not bother voting. But that does not mean they won't seek alternatives. That does not mean they have abandoned educating their fellow citizens as to the mass robbery and manipulation that has plagued our once great nation. And having stopped voting myself, I can tell you it is tough resisting the urge to fulfill one's “civic duty.”

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Ron Paul has said it over and over again. He is not the r3volution, we are the r3volution. This remnant does not stop believing in the value of freedom because one man does not take the presidency.

Alot of us have gone outside our comfort zones and tried to educate our neighbors about the hypocrisy in government, now it is time to go beyond education and into politics. There are many that have already done this and tried to run with Ron Paul. Imagine one million people running for office that have never done so before.

Voting, in my estimation is worthless unless you can trust the politicians to count the vote. Our civic duty is to find the positions of political power in our community and take it away from those that abuse that power.

Ron Paul or bust

An Independent run is the only way for him to go. He has too many supporters and we are homeless without him. There is too much at stake. When he is ready, either before or after and probably after the RNC, he must go Independent.