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Where to now for the R3VOLution?

Powell Gammill

Blog: Fascist Nation
Where to now for the R3VOLution?

Ron Paul R3VOLutionaries are wondering what to do? Where to go? Whom to support? Now that Ron Paul is winding down his campaign. They had been waiting for someone to come along and reinforce what they believed. To lead the protest. To rally the like minded.

Ron Paul was that man. A man of principle. A man whose decades of record matched his thoughts. A man of vigor.

But now the deadlines are approaching. Today (Tuesday) will be the final primaries. The state conventions are winding down. In the second week of September, the National GOP Convention will pass. More and more people who have been recently educated as to the big lie that is the election process will not bother voting. But that does not mean they won't seek alternatives. That does not mean they have abandoned educating their fellow citizens as to the mass robbery and manipulation that has plagued our once great nation. And having stopped voting myself, I can tell you it is tough resisting the urge to fulfill one's “civic duty.”

We are huge. We have spread across the nation – heck, across the globe. We are the military. We are our own press. We are our own sign makers. We have been the plague of newspaper editors. We have spoiled the plans of the main stream media and campaign managers. We have found we are not alone. We are mighty. So where to from here?

Well Ron Paul was a libertarian. He even ran as the candidate for President as the nominee of the Libertarian Party in 1988. So, it was a natural that the Libertarian Party would embrace the ideas of Ron Paul right? And woo Ron Paul's supporters to them. That would be easy for the Party of Principle right?

Unfortunately, the Party of Pragmatism has abandoned much of the bold uncompromising right and wrong, black and white issues promulgated by Ron Paul in favor of a tamer, polished, massaged, lukewarm support for “smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.”

Such pablum may have been swallowed by the Revolutionaries years ago, but things have now gone too far. The amount of government is so vast, calling for smaller government doesn't cut it. Taxation is so vast a majority of one's life is spent working for the government Worse, a majority of us receive a slice of the taxpayer earnings from the government. It is too late for lower taxes ... we are way beyond getting a sliver of our life back. And more freedom ... what does that mean? Government has made it clear we cannot expect to get any of our freedoms back in this endless war, endless terror police state we inhabit.

And whom does the Libertarian Party champion as their representative to take Ron Paul's mantle? Bob Barr. Ex-CIA, ex-prosecutor, ex-CONgressman Bob Barr. Check his record. It is replete with tyrannies large and small upon us all. While he may have made some correct noises the past five years, and especially the past two years, his decades of revolting repression are not easily corrected. Certainly not in this small amount of time. And not in his recent tame missives.

So what is a R3VOLutionary to do? Well, there is a virtual Ron Paul clone running for President. Not as well known as the Libertarian Party. The Constitution Party's candidate, Chuck Baldwin, is a pastor, radio talk show host who has numerous writings to examine, a history of pursuing liberty against the state, and an early endorser of Ron Paul – before it was cool.

While I will not be voting for anyone this year, or any other general election since I believe it to be one big lie. If you cannot resist voting, then you should give Chuck Baldwin an examination. I think you will be as pleased as you were with Paul...assuming the Constitution Party will be on in your state...that you actually have that choice.

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Oh! Oh! I know! I know!

You need to become a PCO for the republican party and then take it back. Chances are about half of your county republican party is already RP supporters. A PCO is someone who elects who is the chairman at the next convention, who is on the rules committee, etc. It's actually very little work. Just go to your county auditor's office and fill out the paperwork, turn it in to them and pay $1.

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

my money

As far as the general election, my money will be on both horses, plain and simple. I will be supporting both Barr and Baldwin. They both deliver the message and right now many voices speaking the same message are what we need. If Barr does not fight hard, I will discontinue supporting him.....until that moment I will be behind him 100% as well as Baldwin. I watched a video of Dr. Paul answering a question about endorsing someone and he seems to have the same view. He said that he couldn't endorse one over the other because they were both friends and Baldwin worked hard for his campaign. In addition Dr. Paul still must keep the Republicans guessing. Dr. Paul has created a free market system to compete for our votes. Who wants the 1,000,000+ potential dedicated voters? Will it be the Republicans? Will it be Barr? Will it be Baldwin? It's amazing that the Republicans have let it get this far. They MUST change their tune, there is no other option for them.

"The wicked flee when no man pursueth, but the righteous are as bold as a lion."

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Where to now? Run for local office.

Sure, THEY can play their games at the conventions. Lets see them try and stop half a million of us from getting elected to local office.

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The local revolution in Los Angeles!

We could not be delegates in California because of GOP rules, so...

13 Ron Paul Republicans running in Los Angeles districts qualified to be write-in candicates for the Republican County Central Committee and we're starting our own local revolution!

Today we begin to take back the Republican party in Los Angeles, The Bastion of Socialism! ha...


Our war is not over by a long shot! Let's keep converting the uneducated masses and take it over from the foundation...if we take the supporters and structure away from them, they will have nothing to stand on!

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

This is the key, and thank you for bringing up this point

The "bad guys" control the voting and the conventions and can stifle us BECAUSE they control the "boots on the ground" in all the local, county, state, and federal positions. Those are the 'worker bees" for their scheme.

However, if we can replace part or all of that "worker bee" community, then the "top down directives" don't get accomplished, and we begin to assume control. Once that's done, we have enough clout in party electons and policy making at meetings to change the agenda of the party to our favor. Then we take the top positions, and it's OVER for the neocons.

A very hard and sustained push for a 4 year time frame, with every effort being made on all fronts to penetrate as many elected and appointed offices as humanly possible, could achieve our goal, which could be demonstrably effective in 2010 and culminating in success in 2012.

We don't even have to make any special notice of "who we are". We can be "stealth". Just act nice and get into some position somewhere, and if you have appointing power in that position, appoint fellow R3volution members wherever you can.
Soon, we''ll have "both legs in the door" not just a "foot", and we can wrestle the neocons right out of their own party. And we can do it in a way that they don't even know it's coming until it is too late.

And let's not forget, for anyone inclined to want to do the same thing with the Democrat Party, that avenue is also wide-open for our takeover as well.

And it would behoove us to have some consolidated power positions on both sides of the aisle, just like the NWO does.