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NPR & The Brainwashed Public

Yesterday (6/2/08) I had to take a 250 mile drive for work...and while driving I was listening to NPR for the nearly 4 hours I spent in the car. I listened to show after show, and usually the subject matter was politics or economics...and between the host, the on-air guests and the call-in folks on the phone, the questions and concerns raised by EVERYONE had ALL been addressed by Ron Paul at some point, with what I consider to be plausible and logical plans for repair. Yet, there was not a single mention of him on air all day long!! Most of the day's discussions were about Obama and Hitlery...and they even had a segment about "if your favorite doesn't get the nomination, will you hold your nose and vote?" One guy from CA did mention that he was a Hitlery fan, and might vote for Bob Barr...but not a single mention of Ron Paul at any time!!!
I am constantly amazed at the general population's ignorance...apparently, Ron Paul doesn't exist...why would Diane Riehm et al. not bring him up a single time when quizzing the in-studio guests about economics? Because they are all part of "The Plan". That plan is to keep Big Business in control of you and me.
After I shut the radio off in disgust, (for the 3rd or 4th time) I was pondering how we all could do a better job of informing the uninformed. Listening to the callers, it sounds as though most don't have a computer....and therefore don't have a clue of what's at stake in this country. They have no clue of the rights being stripped from all of us..that bigger and bigger government is on the way...heck just read the piece RP wrote about the Farm Bill ! How can WE ALL do a better job of educating the ignorant?

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I use my local newspaper...

We have a section in our local newspaper, entitled "30 Seconds". You can call in and say just about anything you want (some restrictions), limited to 30 seconds speech time or can email them not using more than 700 characters. I email them a few times a week, making others aware of Obama, Hillary, McCain..and letting them know the truth about Ron Paul. I always attempt to direct them to sites, videos, etc... Once in awhile, one won't get published, but most of them do....

Do any of you have anything like that locally you could use? Even Letters to the Editor get attention...

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I hold my nose and listen to NPR

almost every day. Lol... I think it is sad how they raise all these problems that Ron Paul has the answers to but they never give him or his ideas any play.

I switch on between that and Rush and Mark Levin but truly, those guys are creepy.

Savage isn't as bad but he too is ignorant of the Ron Paul message for the most part.

NPR convert here

I used to listen to them myself. Then I called up about the candidate Ron Paul, last december and guess what-they brushed me off. I think the quote was "too iconoclastic". They're funded by the central banks-I swear they're funded to bore us to death and force their gloomy vision of the world on the rest of us.