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Operation Education: Status, Results and Vision

First of all, thank you for all the support! It's been several days
since Operation Education was announced and we wanted to give an update on everything that's been going on so far.

We have raised over $250 in donations! Thanks to everyone that has been able to donate so far.

We ran our first campaign using our new system. We paid $1.10 to 50 people to watch "Money as Debt" and fill out the survey afterwards, as well as a $5 bonus to the person that gives what we feel is the best review of the movie. At the time of this writing 46 people have watched the video and completed the questionnaire. There has already been 18 referrals sent out!

Here's what everyone wants to see:



- More education campaigns will be posted within the next couple days.
- More reports will be added as well as an RSS feed to the responses.
- Streamline the process of creating new education campaigns

Looking to the future, two areas we are focusing on going forward are:

1. Expanding beyond people that participate in Amazon's Mechanical Turk system. MTurk.com has been an awesome resource to get our idea off the ground, but will not be suitable as we wish to reach more people and targeted groups of people.

2. Decentralization: Enable any person or group to manage their own education campaigns including the posting, marketing, reviewing, and funding of the campaign.

We encourage everyone to consider making a donation using our ChipIn located at http://www.OperationEducation.org. All donations go toward paying people participating in the education campaigns. All costs related to the development and hosting of the site are paid for by us. We are not registered as a non-profit organization since we do not have the money to pay lawyers to set this up for us.

As always, please contact us at info@OperationEducation.org if you have any questions, ideas or concerns.

In Liberty,

Jamie Lar
Nelson Winters

"Only the educated are free" --Epictetus

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Just Bumping... not sure if

Just Bumping... not sure if this fell through before anyone had a chance to see it the other day.


for the bump.