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2012 the internet Dies, & if it dies, so will the Revolution

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What About...

Becoming active with people in your local Republican (the party of Ron Paul) party. If you wonder why things never change in Washington, look no further than your local government. At one time, the Republican party stood for almost all of Ron Paul's issues. Just listen to Ron Paul's speaches and you will hear this. Your local Republican Party is THE place to make a difference in local politics which will influence state politics which will influence national politics.

The internet has done a wonderful job of getting Ron Paul known and the many issues that we can agree need to be implemented. But now that you know, how do you get the issues implemented. You join your local party and be as active as your busy life allows. I would recommend contacting your local Ron Paul meetup Organizer or someone from the Ron Paul camp for the best way of going about joining your local Republican party.

Good Luck!