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Wexler: McClellan to testify before House Judiciary Committee

This was posted on Wexlers website last week.
May 28, 2008 Contact: Josh Rogin
Phone: (202) 225-3001

Wexler: McClellan Must Testify Under Oath Before House Judiciary Committee

Former White House Aide's Revelations Make Out Case for Obstruction of Justice by Rove and Libby in Valerie Plame Case

(Washington, DC) Today Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) called for former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan to appear before the House Judiciary Committee to testify under oath regarding the devastating revelations made in his new book on the Bush Administration’s deliberate efforts to mislead the American people into the Iraq War.

“The admissions made by Scott McClellan in his new book are earth-shattering and allege facts to establish that Karl Rove and Scooter Libby – and possibly Vice President Cheney - conspired to obstruct justice by lying about their role in the Plame Wilson matter and that the Bush Administration deliberately lied to the American people in order to take us to war in Iraq. Scott McClellan must now appear before the House Judiciary Committee under oath to tell Congress and the American people how President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and White House officials deliberately orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign to sell the war in Iraq to the American people.”

“The allegations by this former top White House aide – that Rove and Libby deliberately coordinated their stories in order to obstruct justice in the Plame case, that the President deliberately disregarded contradictory evidence related to Iraq, should outrage every American and Congress must respond by initiating immediate aggressive oversight starting with an appearance by McClellan before the House Judiciary Committee. Any continued obstruction by this Administration to prevent White House officials from appearing before Congress cannot be tolerated by this Congress in the face of these shocking revelations.”

Congressman Wexler has led a nationwide campaign in favor of holding impeachment hearings for Vice-President Dick Cheney. Congressman Wexler is Chairman of the Europe Subcommittee and a senior member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the House Judiciary Committee.

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No Kidding

Just look at the facts we think we know:
1. Bin Laden attacks America? Who do we go to war with Saddam Hussein and Iraq.
2. What about the comments from firefighters and police in NY about explosions in the twin towers? Was an investigation ever put forth?
3. Why hasn't Congress secured our borders?
4. Why are illegal not deported?
5. Why are government officials taking our constitution away and our freedoms when we didn't attack America?
6. Why is Congress supporting communism and not our constitution?
Democrats want to steal your money and Republicans want to make us slaves and take away our freedoms.
I'm sick of all of them and corporate media is supporting the powers that be and are a bunch of cowards because they don't present real news like what congress is doing. Corporate media is nothing more than entertainment now, not news.
Ron Paul woke Americans up and I am forever grateful to him for his integrity and no matter what, he has my vote.

Detective Krum Investigates:

not treed yet

I hope this dog will hunt.

Culture is Religion externalized.

Smoke and mirrors or the real thing?

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

We'll see

Wexler and many other congressman have been trying to get articles of impeachment going for a while now. They didn't have much proof to go on as everyone was stonewalling them. Now McClellan has come out and publicly stated on MSNBC with Keith Olberman that if requested to testify he would do so openly and truthfully.

Congress is falling over themselves behind the scenes on this issue. Something had better happen or they will all be out of jobs (except the ones voting yes on impeachment) come next election cycle.

McClellan has been on talk shows and has a book all admitting Bush is guilty. He had to document everything in his book just in case he was killed. The damage has already been done. He's given the word that Bush is guilty of treason. I haven't read his book but according to McClellan the proof was put into the book.

Bush is FIN.


Suppose Martial Law is declared? Der Fuhrer vilt nicht accept defeat.

Detective Krum Investigates:

I sure hope Bush, and ....

all his cronies are held accountable for any wrong doings, and we bring our troops home out of harms way immediately.

Someone should get him in

Someone should get him in the Witness Protection Program pretty quick. Wexler's site would not let me write him, but it directed me to my own congressman's website so I wrote him. Told him to make sure he KNEW the constitution because some of his votes showed otherwise...lol