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Hoosier State Convention, defenitely a wake up call!!!

After attending the hoosier convention I was saddened to see how stagnant the GOP has become. Those in charge were playing the propaganda game. They were saying all the right phrases for the election but there past actions were different. Comments were along the line of, "Everything is going great and we need to come together so we can continue to build the Republican party stronger then it is. Meanwhile there were many counties and cities in indiana that voted in mostly democrats because of the lack of direction by the republicans.
Most of those involved have been at it for some time and had no reservations of letting you know how long they have been "involved. They would not actually explain there stance on major issues. Only generallities.
My son, who attended his first convention as a delegate learned much. He said it was like being a new member of a church. You do not join a church and think you are going to change there belief system the first year you are there. Those in the party make it clear that they have been there and no one or group is going to come in and change anything, especially those newbie(Ron Paul supporters), "it dosn't matter if his supporters are right or not, We are here and are in charge. "
In our district meeting for national delegates. The slate was already made out, no Ron Paul people were on it and they manipulated the rules so no nominations could be made from the floor. Thats right, they broke the rules and nothing was done about it. My son set next to a individual who was voted to the electoral college and asked her what the process was to become a national delegate and was given a very in general answer.
In short these people have there own agenda and are not about to change it as long as they have power.
My son and I discussed the goal for his first convention. That was to gain as much knowledge as possible about the process and who to know in order to get in position to become a national delegate, precinct leader, representative, etc. . We both realize that getting back to the roots of the constitution and the freedoms that this land was once known for is going to be a process.
He arrived early, and was one of the last to leave. He introduced himself with a neutral presence with whom all he talked with . He met the govenor, lt. gov., state reps, and on down the line. He admitted that he definitely learned about the hoosier system and what is expected. I guess you can say that there is somewhat of a pecking order. He left an impact on those he talked with. My son is very knowledgeable and picks up on things rather quickly. He is very diplomatic but maintains convictions on doing what is right for the people, not necessarily those looking only after their self interest.
I, being a veteran and experienced in dealing with corruption within the system decided to be behind the scenes to help my son, who is much more knowledgeable and professional in his countenance. He has a good stage presence and confidence that I once had in my younger years. Except I have taught him at a much earlier age the important characteristics needed to be successful in politics. I found this to be important. I am able to provide better support for the freedom cause when he has questions or needs information. I enjoy doing much of the trench work and he is better at presenting the information. If there is a suggestion to our fellow patriots for freedom, it is this. Be patient and have a well thought out strategy to put yourself or others in the right positons to make change.
Ron Paul is right. Taking our country back is going to be a process. Many in the GOP are getting up in years. Some are willing to give important information out, be alert and ready to receive it. We can only do this by putting people like my son in position to move up one step at a time and then work on moving our government back to the constitution.
He will become a precinct leader in another year or so, he also is going to attend more gop meetings and watch for openings that will inevitably open up. He is young and looking forward with anticipation to any door that will open. If you are able to find the right people you will be able to use their information to your advantage in putting the power back into the hands of the people.
One other thing. Ron Pauls name is a mark that is looked upon as a threat to the agenda of the few. Be smart and only refer to his name when the time is right. Be confident and knowledgable in your words and tactics so you can get yourself in postion to then share the revolutionary ideas that Ron Paul talks about.
WE CAN DO THIS ! Remember July 12th and September ST.Paul.