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Nevada Reconvene Convention - June 28

Another poster on ronpaulforums asked what could be done to help this effort to reconvene. Here's what I suggested, along with an update on a news broadcast I heard on the radio this morning, June 3:

If you go to nevada4ronpaul.com you will find a chip-in to help with the expenses. You could email NV GOP headquarters info@nevadagop.org and urge them to work to get this June 28th date publicized and officially attended, Also would help for them to release the official delegate's list from April 26th. These actions would be very beneficial to the party's credibility. Another thought, email to Bob Beers bobbeers@bobbeers.net and ask him to pick up the gavel on June 28th. There is no reason not to be firm, giving positive reasons to reconvene, while remaining respectful.

I heard this morning on KKOH radio the following: The "takeover group" might have a sanctioning problem because only certain people can call the meeting to order and none of those people are involved with the Ron Paul movement who are setting up the June 28 reconvenence. Bob Beers says: “good luck with that. We are not even sure that NV GOP can get together a quorum for the reconvening we are planning and may have to call for a mail-in ballot.”

If Bob Beers does not pick up that gavel on June 28th, so far as I am concerned, he is done in this State. I really think the true villian is the RNC in DC and Sue Lowden and other Las Vegas leadership, but if Bob Beers can't fulfill his duties as chairman when people gather, then now can he lead elsewhere? Does anyone know how we can check on who can legally (not that they bother with legalities unless it suit them) pick up the gavel and call the meeting to order. I was thinking it might be any NV Republican congressman, senator, or Party officer, but a quick run through the various rules, didn't reveal it to me. Dean Heller, Congressman from NV, has stated his eagerness to proceed, even when others are silent, so I've written to him saying he'd be "the people's hero" if he stepped up. Hmmmmmm?

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Are you sure??? There must be an order of succession in the

event that Bob Beers died, became sick or was unable to perform his duties...isn't there a provision for that???


I'm unclear about your question regarding what you are unsure of. I've been on the computer way too long! There are a couple of questions which I don't know the answer to...well, there are actually more than a couple, but let's look at 2. (1) Was the convention illegally recessed by Bob Beers as there was no motion or vote to approve the recess? If an illegal recess, it might be possible to hold a replacement election for chair with a quorum, as I understand it. (2) If it is declared a legal recess, and he does not show up thereby officially reconvening after the recess, then there is a question about who, other than Bob Beers, can officially take over and even if it can be considered legal if someone else does take over. I know, clear as mud, but I've been reading rules all day. There are also several sets of rules which can be used, some taking precedent over others to further muddle the waters.


We can still diggit


The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

Paulette, can you answer

Paulette, can you answer some questions for me?
The Nevada convention was recessed without a motion, 2nd or vote. Beers acted against all the rules. Why can't the convention reconvene and vote to remove him and elect a replacement? He and Lowden both abused their powers, so I would think anyone could challenge them on this. I am not really well informed but this was all done with total disregard to all Nevada GOP members.
I do want you to know that even though I am not in Nevada, I will be happy to support anyone running against Beers. I hope he signed his own political death warrant on April 26th.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Exactly! Technically the

Exactly! Technically the convention is still in session since it was not properly recessed!

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No doubt about the importance

of the recess being legal or illegal. I'm confident that there are attorneys and parlimentarians working on that very question. Do not, however, underestimate the deviousness of the NV GOP leadership. They appear to be taking a lot of time to look at this from every angle.

So far as getting delegates to attend the reconvenced Convention... really, would you give up your ticket to what could be the political show of the year, next to Nationals, of course? This is Nevada folks, and we pay big money for the hot tickets in the big casinos!



Take 'em on and beat those dirty ba$tard$ at their own game!

I am rooting for Nevada big time.

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!


First, thanks for your offers of help...we're all in this together, for one purpose , no matter which state or even country we reside. I've been asking the same questions over and over again that you just asked. No one has come out and definitely said that it was an illegal recess, although many have suggested it was for the same reasons you did.

When they recessed, they not only hurt the Ron Paul supporters, but the McCain supporters, too. All Beers would have to do, is pick up the gavel. We'll be there, as well as many more NV Republicans of all persuasions. I do know you can vote out the sitting Chairman, but I think he might very well have to be there to do so. I would promise Beers this...if he picks up the gavel and agrees to record the district voting for 9 delegates which already took place, keeping the platform as already voted on and passed...in other words, begin from where we left off, I would vote to keep him as chair. I would then watch his voting record and representation of all of the citizens of Nevada before considering a vote for him in the futre. He has a lot to gain by agreeing to do what is right and a lot to lose if he doesn't.