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How to FAIL to take over your local Republican party

Today I had the chance to vote for 7 people for the Republican Central Committee of California. I heard that we had all sorts of Ron Paul Republicans trying to take over the party. However, NO ONE SENT OUT A LIST OF WHO THE RON PAUL CANDIDATES ARE! So my seven votes were wasted. Yes, I had asked my local Ron Paul organizer for this list to be sent to everyone. Never happened.

Don't make this very basic mistake in your efforts. If you have Ron Paul Republicans running for offices be sure to send out a Voters Guide to Ron Paul supporters so everyone knows who they are.

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Don't let this happen in your state

For all the chatter before the election on the Ron Paul meet-up and all the other places it's sad a list of Ron Paul RP candidates wasn't sent out beforehand. I'm in California assembly district 40 so I guess there weren't any people running in my district. I would have ran, but months ago district 40 was not mentioned as one of the districts that needed people.

A list went around to all of

A list went around to all of the meetups in the LA area (1, 121, 186, 506 - though it may have been "moderated out" in 506). It included this link:


It also included these Write-in Candidates For Republican Central Committee. Election Forum did not include any write-in candidates. Ours are:

Distr. 38 Valerie Marquis

Distr. 39 Phil Roche, Anne Roche

Distr. 41 Gene Duffy

Distr. 43 Vincent Mross

Distr. 45 William Morrison, Charlotte Barry, Phillip Alexander

Distr. 46 Anthony Cinelli, Dale Samson, Monroe Jeffrey

Distr. 47 Donald Wood

These are the write-ins that are running under the "Proservative" banner.

"Basically I'm in the idea business — whether it's a musical idea or a spoken idea ... If you wind up with a political system that wants to put idea men out of business, then you have worry on your hands."

-- Frank Zappa

Az State Convention experience...

I say go in loud and proud. Ask around, people know. Smile a lot. Be ready to shake everyone's hand as if its a big party just for you. Smile some more. Through this process you will find RP people and they will find you.

Just a thought,

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Actually, smiling a lot has

Actually, smiling a lot has worked for me so far at the County and District conventions. I am almost "in your face friendly" to everyone. It seems to set the regular republicans aback. But I got elected to a position on the platform committee. So it didn't hurt.

But a list was a must for me. We had a meeting early in the morning on the day of the convention at a local restaurant to get out the list to everyone. The meetups planned this preconvention meeting.

But wait, you are missing

But wait, you are missing the point. Recruiting people to run to take over the Republican party will do no good unless you give Ron Paul activists a list of who those people are on election day.


Your meetup group organizer should have provided the information for you. We are doing the same here in Florida, taking over the Republican party. So our meetup group organizer send out messages to our group for those interested in being precinct committee man/woman.

I encourage all those trying to take over the Republican party in their area to contact their meetup group leader and have them provide necessary information.

Detective Krum Investigates:

yeah, well, I have no

yeah, well, I have no meetup, am in AR, am a delegate, am going to meeting to elect national delegates, wrote HQ, wrote "state coordinator", still can get no info so I do not know what I will do either..


Then try this:
Go to this link: http://ronpaul.meetup.com/ and zoom in on your state. Contact the different Meetup groups in your state or area and ask for a list of local candidates and what candidate they support in the general election.

Detective Krum Investigates:

I live in a small rural area

I live in a small rural area with no meetup group. I got on ronpaul2008 and looked for the closest meetup and contacted them. Try that. You can do it right now. Just takes a minute.

Let me know if that doesn't work.