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Idaho GOP Shenanigans

This is written by someone who is not a Ron Paul supporter but is interested in social issues. This guy is a straight shooter and not hostile to Ron Paul.

"Bryan Fischer of IDAHO VALUES ALLIANCE 6/3/08


Those who plan to attend tomorrow night's organizing meeting of the GOP Ada County Central Committee, at which the Committee will select delegates to the state convention, should be aware that a pre-approved slate of 59 delegates has already been prepared.

The list is likely to be presented as a take-it-or-leave-it proposition to attendees, who will be pressured to vote for the slate en toto.

Customarily, the organizing meeting gives attendees an opportunity to express interest in serving as delegates, a sign-up sheet is passed around, and thus grassroots party members are given the opportunity to become decision-makers at the state convention.

However, party leadership, evidently eager to prop up the current party chairman, hoping to use the convention to reverse the party's stand on closed primaries, and anxious to prevent Ron Paul supporters from becoming delegates, are seeking to close the door to anyone not on its pre-approved list.

There are a token number of social conservatives on the list, but it is stocked with lobbyists and party establishment types with very few grassroots Republicans. (The IVA has received an advanced copy of the list, which will be released in a separate email shortly.)

Last week, Kootenai County Republicans were likewise presented with a pre-approved list of 23 delegates and essentially forced to vote for the entire slate.

News of the list has already disturbed some long-time party faithful in Ada County, many of whom have worked diligently for the party for years and have served as delegates to every state convention for decades but now find themselves on the outside looking in, reduced to being nothing more than alternates.

Rumors are afoot that GOP leadership will seek to undo the party rule, repeatedly enacted by the rank-and-file, which closes the party's primaries. The party elite, forced by the party faithful to sue for closed primaries, has dragged its feet on the lawsuit, apparently hoping that by stacking the deck the closed primary rule can be undone, thus making the lawsuit moot."

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Silver lining here.

While the shenanigans are terrible, but expected, we are forcing them to tip their hand, and all kinds of people are seeing them for the criminals that they are.
This is one of the things that our pressure tactics have forced them to do, and it is waking people up, just like we wanted.

These entrenched corrupt Neocons are going to take a fall.

Shenanigan Update II - The revolution expands

Conservatives in Ada County, Idaho successfully defeated their local Republican establishment. This article does not explain the factions involved but it had to be more than Ron Paul supporters. Other Republicans are starting to realize what's going on. The neo-cons are playing defense.

This is an article titled "VIVA LA REVOLUCION" IN IDAHO GOP?

"Ida County conservatives took a major step last night in returning the county and state Republican Party to its conservative roots."

very sad

In Idaho, a room full of Conservatives should get along just peachy. Everyone hope and pray that this can be a real turning of the tide - if there is any state where "shenanigan doers" might be turned, Idaho is it. Our folks are a good bunch, and their enthusiasm and dedication could win the day. The GOP here is SCARED - they watch the news too. However, there are a LOT of people in "the establishment" in Idaho who a readily converted to "the message." We are the reddest red state, for crying out loud!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

do they want us to shoot them dead like in the old west days??

if they take away the ability for people to freely vote (ie grassroots) the only choice they will leave us is random acts of violence towards them....did anyone see Brave heart the movie??? Remember when William Wallace was betrayed on the battlefield by his own Scotsman's "royalty" he went on a "witch hunt" so to speak, and killed those bastards for betraying his countryman out in open battle....

I'm not advocating it...I am just saying , that if they do this and get away with it.. There will be a price to pay!!!!

Shenanigan Update (good analysis)


Although this will largely be of interest to grassroots GOPers, the IVA has come into possession of an advance list of the pre-approved Ada County delegates to the state convention.

The list can be found below, with names spelled just as they came to us. There of course may be some shuffling of names between now and tomorrow night, when the Ada County Central Committee meets to formalize its list of delegates, but this appears to be a near-final list of names that will be presented to attendees, who will be pressured to approve the slate as presented.

Thus pressure is coming from the top of the party to bypass the normal process by which delegates are selected, which allows precinct committeemen, for instance, to express their desire to serve when they come to the organizing meeting. They'll show up tomorrow night to find that they have been included out before the meeting even starts.

Similar pre-approved slates have been presented in at least two other counties (Kootenai and Canyon) with accompanying pressure to approve the slate as presented.

In many ways, the Idaho GOP is right now engaged in a battle for its soul, over whether it will be a party of genuine conservatism or become, as it has in many ways at the national level, a big government party with little genuine allegiance to social or fiscal conservative principles.

What is noteworthy about the pre-approved list is how many lobbyists are on it and how few ordinary grassroots Republicans are. It appears as if the party poobahs are systematically squeezing precinct committeemen in particular out of the delegate process, in an apparent attempt to stack the deck in favor of the Republican establishment.

Important issues will be at stake at the state convention, especially the choice of a party chairman and a possible reconsideration of the closed primary rule. Party elites want another term for the current chairman, Kirk Sullivan, and want to undo the party rule which closes primary elections to all but registered Republicans.

Closed primaries make it much more likely that fiscal and social conservatives will be elected to office. Open primaries, on the other hand, are friendlier to moderates, liberals and blue blood Republicans. Open primaries, for instance, are likely responsible for Sen. McCain's capture of the GOP nomination, as independents and crossover Democrats outbalanced the vote of conservative Republicans in the primary season.

Precinct committeemen will rightly take umbrage at being shown so little regard for their hard, faithful, boots-on-the-ground work on behalf of the party. It looks to the average observer as if the party elite is shutting out the grassroots in favor of lobbyists and establishment types. There certainly are a number of genuine conservatives on this list below, including some names early in the list, but they seem to be clearly outnumbered overall by those who are inclined to do the bidding of the establishment.

for list go to http://www.idahovaluesalliance.com/news.asp?id=810

Yeah..these gop shenanigans

Yeah..these gop shenanigans are revealing to many Americans how flawed this party AND the election is. The GOP will lose MANY members by revealing unconstitutional practices at their core...

The List is now up on the website

You linked to. Thanks for posting this!

Bryan is a good guy--

Listen Up Ada County Republicans!