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Bernanke predicts inflation

Really! He is predicting inflation because of a weakened dollar. How sad. He doesn't think he can lower interest rates anymore to 'help' us. God help us.


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Seriously, you have to chuckle

The guy who is the head of the FED who is controlling our entire economy is JUST now giving a weak admission that our economy is faltering when in fact they are the ones with the finger in the dyke keeping it from fulling flooding over. They also have their reasons to do so.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow.

Bernake predicting inflation is like Annie singing "The sun will come out tomorrow". Master of the obvious.

weak dollar causes

weak dollar causes inflation? or Inflation causes weak dollar? typical deception by confusing cause and effect.

Blessed Lord Rothschild

It must be the Ron Paul Virus
Bernanke Good Damn You
Thnk God for the Federal reserve
Paul Warburg, JP Morgan, & John D Rockefeller were visionaries. We should be thankful that they still allow us to buy houses!
"let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our freedoms & wealth are in jeoprady"
Ron Paul

Freedom. Watch this video
Pls donate here Ron Paul can still win

Why Does Anyone Listen to this Fool?

The Federal Reserve is the Engine of Inflation. Who is this guy kidding? If it weren't for the Federal Reserve, there would be no inflation. We would have honest money. There would be no declining dollar.

Bernanke is part of this crooked system that has been stealing from the American people for almost a hundred years. It's time to pull the plug on the Federal Reserve. Let's all work to expose this criminal enterprise.

Apparently there is more too

Something I just learned about - http://.www.CAFR1.com

For the pornstar BillyDee

Ron Paul questions Bernanke at Joint Economic Committee

If I find any others to help you Billy, I will be happy to post it here.

I've seen it

I've seen just about every video and interview of Dr. Paul, but thanks.

My point below was the Dr. Paul does note hate Bernanke. He hates the Federal Reserves system. That's what makes him angry, not Bernanke personally. Paul is more mature than that. He knows that Bernanke is just a guy doing his job that's stuck between a rock and a hard place, because no matter what he does it's going to be wrong (in the sense of not setting the interest rate/money supply at the rate the market would set it). The Fed system is inherently inefficient.

Dr. Paul says Barr is an ally (http://www.newsweek.com/id/139448/page/1)
and would do "a very good job" as president (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5YaqKf-yTg).
Watch for Barr on the Colbert Report Jun 4, and on the Glenn Beck Program Jun 5.

Anyone who follows the strings that hold him as a puppet

is not a person to be respected.

He is a coward and drowning in the Whitehouse spins and lies, and not enough spine to stand up and leave it behind.

Not true

The smartest economist should take the job, so as to prevent lesser minds from taking the job and harming the economy worse.

Greenspan took the job, while believing that the Federal Reserve should not set the money supply. That's an honorable thing to do, in my opinion. It's better that an anti-statist is in the position than a statist.

Bernanke is doing his best to try to minimize inflation while minimizing recession. He's not an evil man.

Dr. Paul says Barr is an ally (http://www.newsweek.com/id/139448/page/1)
and would do "a very good job" as president (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5YaqKf-yTg).
Watch for Barr on the Colbert Report Jun 4, and on the Glenn Beck Program Jun 5.

If Bernanke is saying that

If Bernanke is saying that he is unable to lower interest rates anymore in order to "help" us, my guess is that he will be lowering interest rates again. Because if he somehow pulls off the "impossible" and "helps" us, maybe he could end up looking like some type of hero to all the lemmings who simply do not understand the true ramifications of it.


Gee, what a smart guy. You

Gee, what a smart guy. You know who else told me that? My barber.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Just saw this on

Today is the same as yesterday, and the day before, and all the days before that.

At 4am in comes the ESF and the Big Six into the euro and gold market.
At 7am the Spin begins.
At 9am the Gold Gang barfs one more time.
All the spin and stabilization cannot prevent the imminent consequences from the bailing out of every bank and financial agency that has issued OTC derivatives.

The consequence is a form of the Weimar experience. The consequence is Gold at $1650. The consequence is a substantially lower dollar.

Spin and stabilization cannot stop the onslaught of these consequences. Bernanke cannot play the Hawk without trashing what is left of the financials.

Bernanke needs ammunition for further problems so of course he has rates on hold. The show rate, also known as the discount rate, is so low that he needs a point and a half in reserve for the next crisis.

Don't be fooled. Let the fools be fooled.



as if he just came up with that....

It's really easy for him to predict a problem

that he himself has caused.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."

ahhh E_, finally a post

ahhh E_,
finally a post where we don't have the economic "experts" in here telling us all is well...

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD


at least not yet.

Sierra, I started a bullion thread over at Devon's new site. Check it out when you get the chance.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."

Burn the bribe.

Ron Paul would never accept matching funds from the government or for that matter any kind of bribe. So why should we? Why not take the $600 check we are all suppose to recieve as part of the economic stimulus, withdrawl the money out of the bank in small bills and publicly burn them. This will serve to not stimulate the Chinese economy and it will prevent the devaluation of the dollar even further. Show them we can't be bought. Of course you may not want to show your face.

buy silver instead

you keep the money out of the banks, and you get the bonus of having precious silver, instead of a pile of ashes.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."


Have silver eagles US mint. APMEX has them and so does your local bullion/coins store. During my time over sea's I did witness the silver shortage as there was none to be purchased when silver was around $23 dollars an ounce. Scary stuff.

No shit Sherlock!


"The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government". ~ Founding Fathers


Fortune Favors the Bold

The great NostraDogbert, make my boldest prediction ever. There will be turmoil in the Middle East!"

"Really? You're going out on a limb there. Will there be sand involved?"

Fortune Favors the Bold

Somewhere, sometime, it will snow this year.

We all have our roles.

yes indeed we do. *stares at

yes indeed we do. *stares at a beloved guest*

Unite, we cannot

But I would die for you if it furthered the message of freedom.

AAAAHHHH ..... freedom.

It is in the back left quadrant of the tongue. The buds are waiting.

We all have our roles.

I like Bernanke.

He's a smart guy. I like his writings on economics. He agrees that the Fed caused the Great Depression.

I know it's fashionable around here to vilify him, but he's just a guy doing his job. We have a Fed. Until it's eliminated or collapses, SOMEBODY has to head it. It might as well be someone intelligent. He's done a good job so far, given the few tools he has.

Dr. Paul says Barr is an ally (http://www.newsweek.com/id/139448/page/1)
and would do "a very good job" as president (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5YaqKf-yTg).

some may yell at me for

some may yell at me for this... but billydee you are an absolute moron! the man who you supposidly support hates the federal reserve. the moron at the head of it is a con artist.. you support that con artist you are one too! go to your bobb barr web site and spout you verbal diahrea
somewhere else.

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

I'm for the abolition of the Federal Reserve too

That's not inconsistent with having nothing personal against Bernanke or Greenspan or liking or admiring them.

By the way, Barr is for abolition of the Fed too.

Dr. Paul says Barr is an ally (http://www.newsweek.com/id/139448/page/1)
and would do "a very good job" as president (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5YaqKf-yTg).

You must have missed that great moment

when Ron Paul called Bernanke out, basically taught Bernanke some economics..

Anyone got that video for Billy to learn from???

Consider including both of them

as well as your respected Murdoch into your pathetic idea of a revolution you blather on about. Of course if Barr wants to use his "magic wand" to make them disappear there may be a conflict of interest there. Your time could be used contacting all of these men you admire so much and using your sales pitch on them instead of endlessly annoying us. What do you say?