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Obama, Race, and the Two Party System

To my fellow Paulites,

As I listened to news today of Barack Obama's presumptive nomination, my grandparents who I am staying with reacted with horror, and a deep seeded issue which has always been on my mind but has never really been crystallized until these moments, flooded into my mind with sudden clarity.

Like all of you I shudder to think of any one of the three media darling candidates becoming president of the United States, but as a Ron Paul Republican I feel a special kind of revulsion akin to betrayal and treason to the utmost degree when I think of John McCain getting the job. I know they are all CFR globalists and enemies of the Constitution, but it is something about a man who has seen the horrors of war and been a prisoner of war, a man who knowing the toll war takes on humanity being a man who is willing to commit other peoples sons to more preemptive un-constitutional wars that savage not only our moral standing as human beings and Americans, but that also destroys and forever alters lives and perceptions of people abroad who have nothing to do with our supposed 'War on Terror'. To think that such a man could become President is a terrifying thought. So it was armed with the knowledge that many Republicans will break ranks with the party and either vote third party or write in Ron Paul that I felt some measure of comfort knowing John McCain's chances of being President were slim and none.

Then there was the reaction from my grandparents who I have been talking to about Ron Paul and freedom and the constitution with some limited success, and who I have stressed the importance that NONE of these candidates become president regardless of party, sex, or religion. As my grandmother said the terrible words 'I hope John McCain will be president, I just don't want a black, muslim as president. I don't like McCain but we CAN'T have that Obama person win.' There it was. Something that a lot of us want to ignore, but I pride myself on being a realist as many of my fellow Paulites also do and the sad fact of the matter is: there are a good number of Americans who won't vote for Barack Obama if he is indeed the Democratic nominee simply because....he's black. You can attack me or call me a racist, but I assure you I am none of these things. We must deal with reality however and that, I believe, is the sum of it.

I then got to thinking....The Democrats were essentially a walk in for the Presidency this election cycle. Bush is backing an enormously unpopular war, approval ratings are at record lows and even staunch Republicans are reluctantly criticizing the administration as it paves the way down the road to tyranny and the end of American sovereignty. As much as I hate to say it, it's a no brainer, the Democrats are going to win the White House right? Wrong. Instead of seizing the moment and finishing off the Republicans the Democrats and the mainstream media got behind.....Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Huh?!? Think about it. They could have nominated just about ANYONE, ANYONE even Ted Kennedy to be their nominee and they would have beaten the Republicans but they choose the very unpopular woman Hillary Clinton and a black man with undeniable roots in the enormously unpopular scapegoat religion of Islam. His middle name is Hussein. I know none of these things should really matter, but bear with me here. Smart, rational people don't care if a good politician is a woman or black or asian or mormon. They don't focus on those issues unless the candidate makes a big deal out of it on their own, but as we have all learned America isn't full of intelligent, rationale informed voters. It's filled with people who are too concerned with their own lives to be bothered with civic duties and learning about political issues. They get their news in snippets and in 20 second sound bites on TV, but what many of them see plain as day is a white guy versus a black guy/woman and former first lady.

We live in a country, and perhaps a world where, for lack of any better incentive to choose intelligently based upon fact, people will vote based upon prejudices and stereotypes. It was after realizing this that I believe that there cannot possibly be a two party system in America. There are no Republicans and Democrats. There is an agenda by people, many of whose names we may never know. And the only people who are going to get a warmongering, socialist/globalist who is worse than George W. Bush in the White House are: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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