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Proof Ron Paul's Philosophy is not isolationism

This has been one of my most sinister revelations about the spineless special interest media (some have been playing more fairly). It seems every major network's news story is prefaced by an isolationist comment, completely contrary to Paul's message.

My girlfriend and I are both Paul supporters and believe in our government to be able to come together and put an end to this deliberate collapse of America. The words of Dr. Paul were breaths of fresh air in a stale hip-to-be-a-fascist hypocrisy. I'm a fan like the rest of you but I don't want to preach to the choir, here.

I'm a songwriter/producer and I've been working on a number of projects including a spoken word poetry project involving languages, poems, orators and video footage from all over the world including collaborations with citizens of Uruguay, Canada, Syria, India, New Zealand, Argentina & so much more. (Darc Kontinents-go to www.lilasakura.com and click the DK link) We are reaching out to the world as equal citizens of the web and sharing music, information, ideas & learning how we can all benefit from our similarities. WE ARE REACHING OUT TO THE WORLD while the status quo becomes the REAL isolationists. This message of non-interventionism is the tear in my eye that I love hearing from Dr. Paul. I felt honored to be able to select his name in the NY primary and I would not vote for anyone other than a qualified Ron Paul candidate. There's one running in my district (Steven Vasquez) and I am excited that people are catching on. I think we are the only ones investigating what is happening in the world for truly humanitarian means. I am glad to see the resilience of my fellow Americans and I am honored to be part of such an important movement for fairness, equal rights, sound money. indivisible truth and value of law.

I am finishing up an album dedicated to the Revolution called Willett Comb under the moniker The Realside. You can find it around the web. I know I don't have to explain to this crowd how to use THAT!

Stop corporate sponsored genocide,
Terry McClain

"We could start giving more humanitarian aid by not bombing people."-Ron Paul on his response to his support for humanitarian aid to foreign countries

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