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SABRIN 15% Pinnochio38% Cheney Jr. 46%


If you have a better place for results please post.

Don't look good so far.

We have James Hogan running as well. I dunno which district.

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Fortune Favors the Bold

thought the Cheney Jr. line was funny.

Fortune Favors the Bold

but Jason Scheurer

Fortune Favors the Bold

filed today as a Libertarian candidate for Senate. Formerly on the Sabrin line.

Fortune Favors the Bold

hogan lost too

Fortune Favors the Bold

Fortune Favors the Bold

At Sabrin HQ

Fortune Favors the Bold

He gave an awesome concession speech. Being broadcast on NJN. We'll try to youtube it.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Man, Sabrin was running

Man, Sabrin was running second earlier. I figured the machine would get the vote out for Zimmer, but it's hard to fathom NJ Repubs voting for Pinnochio. Jeez, he's not only moved ahead of Sabrin, he's only about 8 points behind Zimmer now. Weird.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

I heard Pinnochio a lot on Rush and Hannity.

Also, on 101.5 I heard like one or two Sabrin ads. If they advertised alot it wasn't heard by me.

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Hi GW,

Hogan is running in District 6.

Here's a link to all of the election results...


Yours in Liberty,


Yours in Liberty,


"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote..." ~ Ben Franklin

"The 'cost of freedom' is risk and responsibility..." ~ Me

Diebolded Results!!!

Skinny Dick cheney, the lobbyist, the one who entered the race illegally, the one who the NJ GOP party bosses put in is winning? Really, how could this be!
Remember the NJ voters against the war in Iraq voting for Mccain? Give me a break!!!

Party bosses

The party bosses tell the GOP rank and file who to vote for, and they do it without thinking.

Sabrin was not the favorite of the party bosses.

This revolution is going to be a ground up effort.

When the right people become the party bosses, then they will decide where the votes go.

The upside is that the GOP in NJ is run by senior citizens. They will die off eventually.

It took 100 years to get to this point, it's going to take a concerted effort to turn it around.


I have a meeting for my town where they willelect the party chairman. The party chairman picks the nominee. Or he/she will pick a few people then you vote. That's how it is done here in NJ.

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

GW - show the results in your Title


...And, yes, I have seen The Constitution

House dat?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?


...And, yes, I have seen The Constitution

The trick is to play along for a while.

These people simply vote down the first column. Ya really gotta know someone or be involved for a whuile before they let you in. Zimmer was like the third choice after the other two were found to be frauds.

Hogan busted his butt! Hats off to the captain!

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Campaigning on wanting to eliminate the Federal Reserve

scares voters. That's one thing going against Ron Paul Republicans. I'm thinking it's probably best that they keep it to themselves, until they get in office. At this time, it's just theoretical anyway. The Fed is not going to be eliminatable any time soon.

Dr. Paul says Barr is an ally (http://www.newsweek.com/id/139448/page/1)
and would do "a very good job" as president (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5YaqKf-yTg).

Sabrin was listed above Pennachiowhatever

and he still is doing worse

Wasn't really expecting a win, but was hoping he'd take a nice second

Still hope though, there's still votes to be counted

Hogan is behind



There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Where did you get that result?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Looks like the old GOP likes Dick...

Dick Zimmer that is...

First Dick Cheney and now this guy..

The American Revolution 2.0 will not be televised... It will be downloaded!!!


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

LOL now thats the funniest

LOL now thats the funniest thing ive read all day.

anyone ever elected their

anyone ever elected their way out of tyranny ?

Yes, that is a disappointment.

I had hoped for better support for Murray.

I grew up in NJ, but I got out before it went communist.

do they use electonic voting there??

like diebold??

This sucks..

From the stuff that I've read on here and on LRC I got the impression that this guy was going to easily win the GOP spot.

Anyone else get the same impression?

Yes you INTENTIONALLY given that impression.

I had to look deep into it to know ahead of time. He was a long shot.

We in the R3VOLUTION need to learn some basic things.

The MIDDLE WINS. Remember that....the middle wins.

SO how can the R3VOLUTION win if it so far from the middle it looks as if it is really at both republican and democratic ends?

Answer: We need to tie these two together under the Revolution. We have no aversion to infiltrating the republicans, now we should get busy and infiltrate the Obama democrats.

The name of the game is NUMBERS. To get those numbers is to win. And to get enough NUMBERS to beat the Massive Middle, we will need to tie the two extreme ends of the political spectrum together.

In Peace and Liberty,

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820



The Revolution will NOT win soley on the Internet (maybe in 20 years this could happen). The Revolution will NOT win based on 9/11 truth. The Revolution will NOT win based on getting us back to the gold standard. The Revolution WILL win if the majority of the focus is REAL lower taxes, REAL lower government spending, and a repudiation of things such as the Patriot Act and "The Drug War." The first two grab pragmatic conservatives and the last two grab pragmatic liberals. You try to push the abortion agenda or gay marriage, then the opposing group stops listening to you immediately. Find the 3-5 most mainstream issues and somehow PROVE that they can be addressed. Lower taxes, lower spending, NO WAR, no FEDERAL government intrusion into your personal life (Patriot Act, abortion laws, gay marriage, etc), and you can build this movement. The rest may be fundamental, and they may be important. But you will never ever ever get everything you want. And that's OK, because nobody (even Ron Paul) is 100% right about everything. You can, however, get the lion's share, and this is what I'm hoping for.


Yeppers...Maybe it was the money he bet on the Kentucky Derby?


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

it's a 3-way split. there's time.

Thanks GW

...And, yes, I have seen The Constitution