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Marines conduct martial law training in Indianapolis

"Under the guise of urban warfare training the 26th Expeditionary Unit an elite group of U.S. Marines will conduct a martial law training exercise at 26 “surrendered” locations in central Indiana from June 4th thru the 17th."


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Also they are expecting a

Also they are expecting a lot of protest during the DNC and the RNC believe me!!

On the other hand it could

On the other hand it could be a scare tactic. I have never heard of them actually "training" for something like this.
Perhaps they know we think this and they want to scare us. Kind of like the Chinese and Russian Propaganda.

I've been deployed against

I've been deployed against U.S. citizens before. Some were even killed, though I think it was Army that did the shooting.

When Bush Sr. was President, he deployed my entire U.S. Marine Corps Combat Battalion to the streets of Los Angeles, USA, including light armored vehicles - these are light tanks with 25mm cannons on them. We had riot control and non-lethal weapons training at Tustin Air Base, but when we actually hit the streets, we had fully loaded M-16 rifles and basic combat gear instead.

Our rules of engagement were if anyone aimed a weapon at us, we could shoot them, but we had to wait for them to aim first. The people that were shot, were when they tried to run road blocks - we had barricaded off neighborhoods.

After this operation was over, nothing was entered in our Service Record Books - a service record that normally contains a record of every single deployment. It was very unusual.

Later on, I received orders to work with the DEA assisting in the drug war. We had letters of authorization that said we should not be stopped or detained by any law enforcement and were authorized to carry weapons as we helped track down citizens growing pot in the forests.

At the time, I did not think much of it, it surely was not as bad as other places I have served, and was an interesting change of pace, but now looking back on it, it sure does seem strange and has got me wondering if either was Constitutional? Using active duty U.S. Marines to police? Hmm...

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Martial Law Coup

The US military should be training for the possibility of a coup staged by the Executive Branch. With the admission by our politicians that the Tonkin Gulf Incident was fabricated, a lie that cost 50,000 American lives, they are on record as admitting that they fabricate incidents.

I would view any attempt by the Executive Branch to impose martial law in the US as an attempted coup against lawful government.

You are probably right.

You are probably right. Dictatorship by the current executive is the future.

This training is no joke. It is preparation.

I believe that your current administration will not give up power. ( For Canada I expect our current neo con adminstration, which is quite unpopular, will find a way to stay on as a result) .

The neo cons are dug in very deep worldwide. We see it here in Canada with the neo cons dictating a vast array of new policy initiatives most of which are secret.

Changing the guard would throw a wrench into all the plans underway to harmonize the world. This government supports Monsanto and the UN is calling for a world wide approach to food production. Gosh, what could that mean?

Decisions have been made folks. The only thing left to do is resist.


WTF is urban warfare

WTF is urban warfare training, ANYWAY???? However u say it it sounds f ing ominous..

urban warfare training

may sound plausable to some but its a mere cover term for martial law, has nothing to do with iraq or afghanistan. they are acclimating the troops to patrolling u.s. streets and how to move house to house quickly and conviscate all firearms ,,in the beginning stages at least. im sure the initial waves will occur during the night to catch as many folks as unaware as possible. they ll make note of who is living where, possibly take possesion of food rations, vehicles, anything they deem of value, round up anyone they think could give them any trouble and repeat this until a designated area has been swept. the second waves will come at a later date when they begin rounding up citizens for transfer to fema camps...they will undoubtedly begin in larger urban areas but eventually fan out to suburbs and rural areas..expect foreign troops (russian, romanian, eastern european, chinese) to be present as they will have no problem firing upon Americans.

i've decided to stay out of

i've decided to stay out of the city and stick to the suburbs for the next two weeks. but then i read today that there are going to be 22 other sites they will be landing at. of course they failed to mention where they are.

there's so much i want to say about this subject, but don't feel like moving up on any patriot watch list today

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yup, best to stay on the

yup, best to stay on the down low,,,no street training here yet but im waiting,,,upstate new york here next to fort drum military installation (designated fema site), what i am seeing is jet manuvers and tons of black helicopters and check points....mostly trying to get my head wrapped around whats coming. attention please,,,we are now leaving kansas