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Proof that Real ID is a fraud

I recently lost my drivers license and was concerned about a flight I must take this weekend. I live in Pennsylvania where the Transportation Department secretly entered into an agreement with a company called Vonage to administer their photometric licensing procedures. A form that I needed to fill out required me to only submit my name and drivers license number. I took this to a counter and the attendant punched up the drivers license number,after he did this he relayed my address to me and asked if it was correct. After confirming his request he had me write a check for $15.00 which could have also been submitted with a money order. I was then directed to a guy with the camera and presto, I had my photometric,foolproof ID. Sorry I had to buckle and go in but this flight is very important. Seems like all you need is someones license number, name and a money order to be declared safe in this country.

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You don't have to have ANY

You don't have to have ANY form of identification to fly whatsoever. You will be subjected to a secondary search of your persons but that's it. I know folks who have been flying for years without showing any form of id at all.

I'll relay my experience after Saturday

I haven't flown in a while but my wife does frequently and she always needed ID to get thru check in. I haven't attempted to but I truly believe you can't even purchase a plane ticket with cash any more. The days of just walking up to a counter and plopping down cash for a flight seem to be long gone. Prior reservations are a must and the only way to make one is with plastic.Go to any of the airlines websites and you will see their requirements. Everyone of them states that a kind of Government issued ID is required at check in.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

no its not good

You will be forced to give up your private property Eye scan fingerprints digital facial scan and 37 key peiced of information. They will steal your whole identity. Its the worst form of property theft on the planet. Its not good. It will make every person in the world a criminal (slave to be exact)

Good news then!

If that's the case, I don't fear the Real ID, since it'll just be a government sponsored useless fake ID, more freedom for all of us.

Are you telling us that you

Are you telling us that you didn't have to show your drivers license and have your picture verified? All you had to do was fill in a blank with a valid DL number, say yes to the address question and get your picture taken?

This is public safety?

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

That is exactly

what I'm saying occurred. I was there due to not being able to locate my drivers license so I didn't have one to show them.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

they have pushed it into 2009

so thats not a Real ID however passports I think have emplemented some features of the Real ID.

Moral of the story........

(He knows that not the real ID card).,The name of the thread is "Proof that the Real ID. is a fraud" because he did not need any additional proof of ID to show to get another Drivers licences ID except a drivers licences number....."So much for Home Land Security"

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

On the contrary

It was recently revealed that PennDot had secretly entered into an agreement with a company called Vonage which is run by a few ex CIA types.The purpose of this deal was to implement Real ID with its photometric implications. This deal was kept totally in the dark and our state legislators were denying that it had occurred. Too bad Vonage used the $79,000,000 contract in literature to bolster their efforts to gain investors. There are more than a few state legislators a bit ticked off at being misled by the DOT here. We have been under the Real ID in this state for far longer than any of us knew.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.