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Report from Moyle, Exec. Director of NV GOP

Did anyone catch the full newscast information on KRNV, Ch. 4 at 6PM? I missed all but the last few seconds where it was report that Zachary Moye said the NV GOP Executive Committee was meeting tonight to decide on the date for reconvening. Then a letter will go out in a week or so, to all delegates asking whether they can attend to make the quorum. And then, something about any results from a June 28th convention, should it take place, would be against NV rules and not be counted. Anyone hear the whole clip or have it on tape? It was almost over before I realized what it was and I'm not sure I heard it correctly. Frankly, I'm for showing up on the 28th...first I think what they are doing now is more stall tactics and how do we trust them to not simply walk out or recess if they don't like what is happening. Any thoughts anyone?

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Are you sure that title is spelled correctly?

Are you sure that title is spelled correctly? [Report from Moyle,] It looks like a name I've seen tossed around here allot lately. Oh, never mind, I was thinking of the name mole :-P

What you believe too be true, is true too you...

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

Could someone in Nevada possibly...

contact the station and find out what the full report was?

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This was an earlier broadcast

I was looking for the 6PM one. The link did get posted on another site,but when I tried to access it, it said the video was unavailable. If the Executive Committee met last night, hopefully we will have an update very soon. I'll keep you posted if I learn anything else.


Create as much tumult as you possibly can

More power to you guys! Senator Obama is a better candidate because he has studied the Ron Paul talking points against McCain. We cannot underscore how much we appreciate your efforts at crippling the Republican party! Please continue and do not stop!


Do you have any idea how stupid you are? Oh I guess not. If you have any brain at all, you might look back and kick yourself in 2010. Jsut remember this.

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Your guy's not getting a free pass

Take the Socialism elsewhere please. We're not here to help you. We're here on principle. None of the candidates are above contempt, and your guy's not getting a free pass.

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won't count?

Strange,when they are following the rules, hmmm. He's probably trying to keep people from showing up. Has anyone asked national about it?

bump for more info

bump for more info

Anyone see it?

Why they just couldn't coordinate with the date that is already reserved on June 28th...you know, open doors, big tent, co-operation?