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Dumping domains & websites? I'll buy it!

This is Josh.

The kid behind the "Just Come Home" t-shirts.

My main business the past 5 years has been webhosting.

If there's any friends in the R3VO7ution that have websites, domains and residual traffic they don't know what to do with. Please let me know.

I will consider buying them up for use of a consolidated PAC project (such as the Southern California Friends of Freedom by Steven Vincent in Los Angeles) or for commercial purposes, whatever works for both of us.

Domains today are the worst things to waste and every buck helps here and there. This goes without saying that internet traffic little by little can add up quick as well. Those who've worked with me (RonPaulAudio.com, Redheads4RonPaul.net, RonPaulGrassroots.org, ChineseForPaul.org,....etc) know I make every dollar, every web page, every second to the most and have donated lots of flyers, t-shirts out.

E-mail me if there's anything I can help you with.