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Sabrin Third in NJ GOP Primary

New Jersey - 5386 of 6290 Precincts Reporting - 86%

Zimmer, Dick - 74,228 - 46%
Pennacchio, Joe - 63,222 - 39%
Sabrin, Murray - 22,786 - 14%

Results here

Thanks to GW for the tip.

Thank you Murray Sabrin for running.

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many of you hit the smaller

many of you hit the smaller issues right on the head.

-old people vote...a lot
-there are a lot of stupid people
-most of them want to know what their country can do for them

I've only been politically conscience for a third of my 39 years, and I've always leaned libertarian. The rest of the time I ignored politics. In hindsight, I think the NUMBER ONE ISSUES TO RECOGNIZE is that we can't ELECT change.

It can't be done. Changing out the president won't effect change in the way we desire.

What we really want is a population that isn't STUPID, aren't SHEEPLE, and want minimal government intervention.

Ron Paul winning would not change 250 million stupid people.

Here's the truth. The only way to really change this country is to change yourselves, and become an example. You'll be called upon to educate others.

If it's true to your nature, and you actually walk the walk, not just talk. Then you'll become a role model for people.

This is a long slow process. But what did we expect? We have hoards of people in this country who have absolutely no clue.

You can't change a person by TALKING TO THEM, just like this paragraph isn't going to change any one of you. It might just re-affirm what a few of you were thinking.

Your actions are what count most. Words can augment or add clarification, but if you're preaching without a base, it's going to be unfruitful.

How does this mesh with a campaign like Ron Paul's? Well I view his campaign as tool to 1) bring in newbies 2)re-energize the old hands 3) educate the ones in transition

It really doesn't matter if he wins or loses, it's the process.

We have to change millions of people. It has to be a long term change.

People that used to look toward others for all the answers, have to be taught to be self reliant, live conservatively, learn the constitution, learn about states rights, etc etc etc.

The all knowing all powerful all bungling U.S. Government has not, is not, and never will be the thing that makes this country great.

When more then 5 million people learn that...that'll be one tiny step forward.

I left NJ in 1995 ...

Would have left sooner except for circumstances.

The writing was on the wall in the 1980's ... High, high taxes, ultra liberal politics, town cops that reminded you more of storm troopers (and I lived in rural and very beautiful NW New Jersey ... not in the thick of things).

As I tell people, NJ is a good place to be FROM. The people who keep voting the evil turkeys in deserve what they get. The rest ought to become former residents like I did.

Unfortunately, I'm seeing some of the same trends here in VA.


Has it right.

Old people.

I don't know about you, but every time I go to vote, the blue hairs are out en masse.

Old people don't use the internet. They get their news from the propaganda machine called the main stream media.

This is our biggest problem... period.

I like Murry and contributed

I like Murry and contributed to his campaign. But really, the first issue he went public with was lowering the drinking age. How stupid was that? And every email he sent out had at least 3 misspellings in it. And why would your second issue be the border in New Jersey? They are as far from the border as any state in the country. It's just not a winning issue in NJ.

His performance in the debates notwithstanding, his campaign was little better than Ron's. And that means it stunk. There are winnable and near-winnable primaries and elections coming up. But this was not one of them.

I got an email from Murray's campaign yesterday with the misleading title "Sabrin Wins Primary." I forgot what day it was and was actually surprised and happy that he'd won, until I read the idiotic campaign email and realized it was yet another stupid come on for funds. I am so sick and tired of lousy campaigns, including the national one.

The guy who wrote the New Jersey Communist Manifesto even trounced him. How amazing is that?

I got that email too

I believe it was sent two days before the Primary, I had the same thoughts.

He lost because the Ron Paul

He lost because the Ron Paul Revolutionaries in New Jersey are lazy.

Just like all the Ron Paul Delegates in Colorado that were so committed on February 5th but couldn't find the time to come to the CD or State Conventions.

Murray had an excellent opportunity to win due to low voter turnout -- too bad people would rather talk on the Internet than go out and vote!

He lost because of poor campaigning

If people don't know about you or even know that you're running you can't win. Like I've posted previously, I saw Joe Pennacchio yard signs all over the place, and just 2 Sabrin signs, the supporter signs are the only ones that had any visibility and I saw over a dozen. Pennacchio didn't win but had a good showing. Pennacchio even had a ton of radio ads on prominent radios. I few weeks ago when a Sabrin staff member contact me for donations I asked her if they running any radio ads, cause I never heard any, she said yes. Till this day I never heard one. Now if Pennacchio comes in a good second, against the establishment's candidate, with all his campaign marketing, imagine if Sabrin's campaign did the same with a great message... All the people I mentioned him to never heard of him, but I told them what his message was and liked it, nut how many people did I reach 50?. I think that people are so focused on voting for who they perceive as the frontrunner and if they don't seen any signs or radio/tv ads, they don't know that you exist or that you even have a chance. I don't know how Sabrinand his staff used his money, but it sure looks
similar to Dr. Paul's campaign, with all that money left that could've been used. The same thing happened last Nov for Dr. Paul's presidential campaign, never saw or heard a tv or radio add(with the exception of Sirius, but no local radio stations, such as the most popular one WABC, Rush, Hannity and company station, which reaches 3 or 4 states). The only thing that gave him exposure was the supporter made signs. You need a lot more than that when you are pretty much unknown and going up the creature that the establishment is.

I guess I'm not too surprised...

We are, after all, the People's Republik of New Jersey. We have such densely packed stupidity that they had to start building UP in order to house them all.

Sabrin was, and is, an unknown. If it wasn't for DailyPaul, I probably never would have heard of him before the election yesterday. Poor campaigning, lack of funds, a host of reasons I'm sure.

He's a young man, though. Maybe if he gets in front of people he can make it happen in another six years.

If we're still here.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

Uhh he had more money than

Uhh he had more money than all the others and raised more.

And I thought his campaign was ran 1000 times better than RP2008.

It wasn't anything but media manipulation and GOP corruption. Murray destroyed every opponent in every debate.

The guy who founded the Nationalist Party in the US got more votes than him! How stupid is New Jersey?

The reason

Old people vote.

I've seen it at the polls when we had our primaries. All the people over 60, who were the majority of the voters, cast their ballots on who they knew. The people working the polls knew these people for years and gave them a list of people to vote for. After they got out of voting the old person would shake hands with the poll watcher and a few laughs would go between them and it was apparent who they voted for.

Jersey's not known

as the Armpit of America for nuthin' ya know.
You're talking about the state that elected Christie Whitman AND Jim McGreevy as Governors.

what this tells me

is that Diebold continues to win primaries.

Face reality

Well, that's just not true. Sabrin really actually lost on votes, just as Ron Paul really lost on votes. Evading reality is not going to help this cause win. If you get out from behind the keyboard and talk with people, it's apparent very few people have heard of Sabrin, or Paul for that matter. Try asking people about Ron Paul even and barely any know what he looks like, how old he is, or especially what he stands for. We can change this, of course.

Register as Republican and Vote for Ron Paul

a contrarian opinion

Actually I am kind of glad Murray Sabrin did not win this. I did not hear the debates, and what stands he was actually taking there, but the "slim Jims" he was sending in the mail asking for donations, and his website .. totally sucked.

1. He never once mentioned anything about wanting to repeal the Patriot Act.
2. He did not criticize Lautenberg for voting to authorize the war, (or Patriot Act for that matter) but instead focussed on criticizing the incumbent for such relevent issues as his votes against partial birth abortion, against declaring English the official language of the US, and that Lautenberg didn't support Federal school vouchers.

(By the way, how can you on the one hand ban the Dept. of Education, but then turn around and say that the Federal govt. should be involved in passing out school vouchers.)

I don't know what kind of campaign Murray ran on the television, but on his website, the mention that Ron Paul endorsed him was the only strong association he made with Ron Paul's policies .. it definitely did not come across in his issues. He just seemed like another run of the mill Republican.
I mean really, in his letter to me as a Ron Paul donor, he tries to sell me by referring to "the very liberal" Lautenberg... hey I never really liked the "very conservative" Romney/Huckabee etc. either.

If a candidate wants to run as a Ron Paul Republican .. then they should be very transparent about the BIG issues that DIFFERENTIATES them from the Republicans, i.e. opposition to the war (From the beginning) .. opposition to the Patriot Act, ELIMINATION of income tax, etc. Don't sit there and talk about building fences on the border, banning partial birth abortions, legalizing guns, etc. Every damn Republican is going to do those things.

You must have been blind...

First you probably should of watched the debates. I hope you don't live in NJ.

Yes you should be glad that a DC lobbyist won! I mean honestly, what's Murray done besides write a letter calling the FED counterfeiters that was published in the NY Times in 1976?

What's he done besides call the FED a scam in debate after debate and literally demand for it to be shut down?

Comments like yours is why I don't like DailyPaul.

He was much more descriptive

He was much more descriptive of his issues in the debates. His campaign seemed better organized than ours, and he is a great communicator. I am really sorry. It just seemed SO obvious who the best candidate was, but no name recognition, I guess. Instead of keeping the incumbents in, people should automatically think about kicking them out. Oh well...besides, I guess, there is Diebold and not many care.

Real shame

There are clearly a lot of dumb bastards around. More than I thought. I remember reading that psychologist Carl Jung saying he thought 30% or so of the population were 'borderline', I think he meant weird or unstable. Are they all in the New Jersey Republican party or something? Maybe that is not fair and they just don't know enough.

"What does conservatism today stand for? It stands for war. It stands for power. It stands for spying, jailing without trial, torture, counterfeiting without limit, and lying from morning to night."

Lew Rockwell

3rd? blah. Ronward and upward, anyway!

I had really hoped for a win on this one.

Ah well. I can't control anyone but myself; the voters chose poorly, but I will choose to keep smiling and spreading the liberty message! :-) Good things are coming, even as bad things are rampaging today. Keep looking ahead.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Hard to believe! Sabrin is

Hard to believe! Sabrin is such a good debater!

What this tells me...

Is that only 14% of the voters actually watched any of the debates. Murray shredded those clowns every time he met them.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

Sad day for liberty in NJ

RON PAUL 2008 / RE-ELECT 2012

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Rand Paul 2016

well, look at it this way

Fortune Favors the Bold

Ron Paul himself only got about 23,000 votes in the super tuesday primary...

Fortune Favors the Bold


Jersey is trash for this. I guess we have a long fight.


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity


indeed, but expected as Zimmer had the benefit of being an ex-congressman and the GOP party seniors practically anointed him. Dr. Sabrin did an excellent job and clearly won all the debates I have seen or listened to. Zimmer has no chance to win in any case. Sabrin did score 3times more than in 2000 and I read some expected him to perform in single digits, so he did better. If he was a a congressman, even for one term, it would have helped.
Apart from his academic work and writing, one hopes he can be a congress man within the next two years, can then win the senator nomination in NJ in 6 years or he can apply in a different state for senate position where the GOP has a stronger chance of getting elected. He has proven he can raise more than 5000
k. He is such a talented man!

Tough year to run, and in a

Tough year to run, and in a low turnout year the machine guy has a huge advantage since the organization always gets its vote out. I think he would have done better if the primary was the same days as the Presidential primary. A lot of people, including some acquaintances of mine who live in NJ, didn't even realize it was election day today . . . Zimmer almost seems like he's running against his will, and will lose to Lautenberg easily. . . . Murray could win a Congressional seat in the right district -- he has the right positions as far as most rank and file Republicans go (pro-life, small-government, etc.). Needs to find the right district, and needs a broader turnout.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

On the bright side

At least people got to hear the message, and probably converted some people over to the side of liberty. The Revolution is a long term project.

Dr. Paul says Barr is an ally (http://www.newsweek.com/id/139448/page/1)
and would do "a very good job" as president (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5YaqKf-yTg).
Watch for Barr on the Colbert Report Jun 4, and on the Glenn Beck Program Jun 5.

This is so too bad

I am really sorry about this. Being in Arizona I am far removed from New Jersey politics but this is so pathetic. We have a lot of work to do.


"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Thank you for posting this status,

It is a challenging future we face, I will not give up. These nominated people, will in time, show their cards. No matter how you look at it, our future will tell the "truth", directly reflecting our choices and actions. In ending, another Poster / Patriot brought this too my attention.

See >>> http://www.lawfulpath.com/ref/13th-amend.shtml

If this article were ever to come front and center, I believe it would be a much better world. Its a long read... though its through my eyes, watching from a distance, that absent the premise of the article, the group it speaks of, from a steriotypical definition, speaks for themselves everyday in our courts. They create, enforce and rule on our laws. I think I have the big picture, as hazy as it may be, if its gonna get done, it starts with me.
"Onward" >>>> Best regards to all, Right and Wrong....

What you believe too be true, is true too you...

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

Not a Suprise

Being from NJ, the last thing we should expect people to do is grasp the Liberty message. Murray Sabrin was included in all the debates, two I watched, and he did a good job in those debates. The Republicans are just so outnumbered in that state and the ones that are there, just seem to follow the Main Stream party line. Its a damn shame! Sabrin is an intelligent man that could have been a true voice for the Republican party in the Senate. We have a real up hill battle ahead of us to turn people to our cause.

is there something

is there something inherently retarded with the gop base that make them think that voting for a corporate lobbyist to congress over a man who stands for everything the GOP is supposed to champion is generally a good idea and therefore the correct man to vote for?