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See WA McCain Mutiny here!!

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Did not see a big problem

Did not see a big problem with this. He answered most questions responsibly. Not like the Nevada clown who cuts and runs because of majority RP support.

Interesting to see the McCrap folks walking out. Prob robots that were close to their batteries running out.


There is only 108 signatures on this letter as of right now...this is a great letter, please read, sign and forward to your friends.

r3VOLution Continues...


Wow...that's just what the chairman yells. At 2:11, he yells, "SHUT UP!! I'm tired of this!" and continues by berating a delegate asking a question with, "How thick are you?!?" The chairman then goes on to say that they aren't going to break any rules; that's not how the GOP does things! (ROFLMAO.)


Kirby Wilbur is okay...

Actually, I have to defend Kirby Wilbur. I dunno if he's a McCain or a Paul supporter (probably McCain), but he was a decent guy and a very fair chairman (especially compared to Luke Esser on day 1). If you watch the video on Youtube of the Skagit controversy ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZNAR6qKIKos) you can see him come up to the mic and ask why we're not actually debating this issue before we vote on it. Also, on the second day, he was very confused when the McCain people kept voting to set aside a plank for discussion in order to "speed things up" (and then vote it down right afterward), which gives me the impression that the McCain campaign hadn't filled him in on their strategy.

As for the "shut up" comment, I think he just doesn't like being disrespected... In short, he's sort of a blowhard, but he's a fair chairman. Without him, we probably wouldn't have gotten such a fair consideration on day 2. Remember that his comment on our passage of the anti-war resolution was, "Well, that's about as unanimous a decision as I've ever seen." Also, he was clearly ticked off at the McCain people using dilatory tactics (like calling his judgment into question!) to try to stall until enough of their supporters had been credentialed and re-seated.

At the rally after the convention, we all chanted "Kirby! Kirby!" in honor of the chair and his fairness. I think it was well-deserved.

I don't think you would think he was so fair...

if you get to hear him on TVW, you can hear him talking with his advisors talking about whether or not 2/3rds of the McCain people had come back in to override the quorum. He was scheming and TVW was the only one to pick it up since they were right near the stage!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

You'd think the Republican Party

would be grateful for the influx of the younger members to swell the numbers of the Republicans.
Good golly, given 'natural attrition', the party would disappear a natural death by the looks of it. Not meant to be talking down on their current members but the folks walking around there seem mostly well after pension age.

A lot of them were older folks...

But there were many younger (I'd guess between the ages of 30 and 40)guys running around who were in cahoots on what they were orchestrating.

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!


video is not available

Just went there, and video is available.

no problem getting through