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460 pledge to Write-In Ron Paul 2008

We're off to a strong start...460 already


When you're right...you're right!

Save your posters and bumperstickers...just add "write-in" before any other ronpaul2008.com item

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Up to 1060 now

Apparently they just update the number by hand. It's up to 1060 now.

I subscribed but it didn't

I subscribed but it didn't count me. What the dilly yo?

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

I'm writing him in. I don't

I'm writing him in. I don't care who counts it. No one else running is better than him. If he doesn't run next time then I'll vote for the most principled person running. If no one good runs next year, I'll just write Ron Paul in again. And so on and so on and so on....

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

I can appreciate that!

I am merely stating that there will be no headlines screaming "5 Million Write-in Ron Paul" on the morning of November 5th. If we vote for Ron Paul as a write in, it should be on the basis of principle and on the basis of truly casting our vote for whom we believe we should cast it. It will not make headlines, it will not generate any publicity, it will in fact most likely go down as an anonymous write in vote into the obscurity of election history. But then again, so did my vote for Howard Phillips in 1996 and Pat Buchanan in 2000!

Vote for whom you support. That's my position!


"counted" write in votes

is a relative term. Write in votes, in aggregate, are generally counted where candidates have declared as a write-in. BUT....write in votes for individual candidates are not counted unless "write-in" as a whole is the largest percentage of votes.

So, say the final vote tally on election night, in State A, is

All of those write in votes would be individually counted, to determine if any single candidate might emerge as the winner of the election.

But, if the results look like this:

Then every single one of those write in votes will forever remain anonymous, counted only in aggregate as "Write In Votes". It could be 32% Ron Paul and 1% Mickey Mouse, or 32% Mickey Mouse and 1% Ron Paul, and we'd never know which, because the individual votes will never be counted. They will forever be shown on election returns and in the history books as nameless, faceless, anonymous "Write In Votes".


This is a childish strategy

For the following reasons.

1. The vote will not be reported, or probably even counted. It takes much longer to determine the write in votes, and generally what they do is to check and see if the total write in votes are greater than the winning candidate, and if they are not, they ignore them.

2. It is unrealistic. Ron Paul wants to run for congress. Frankly, People should have been planning for another candidate since March when it was clear McCain would win, but then there were all these people claiming that McCain hadn't clinched, we can get the delegates, balh, blah blah. Stupid - If Ron Paul supporters had spent some energy looking at a libertarian candidate, Mary Ruwart would be the Lib party nominee now.

3. this is not about a person, it is about a cause (or should be), sure Ron Paul is tops in integrity, and principle - but he is not running, so, if we want to continue a movement (as opposed to having a cult of personality) you should support someone who is actually a candidate.

4. This seems too much like a bunch of little kids screaming I WANT ICE CREAM - I WANT ICE CREAM, when offered cake - and because of their behavior will be stuck with brussel sprouts.

Brussel sprouts are good for

Brussel sprouts are good for you.

The rules don't allow it.

Those who might wish to write in Ron Paul's name need to read the write in rules here.

Of course another option would be supporting a 3rd party candidate.

aaand let me guess who you

might suggest...

only 3...

by this chart only 3 states do not have write-in votes...

many states including swing states are counted...

voter is not prevented from casting a write-in in 47 states....

wouldnt it just be easier...

To let everyone write him in who wants to? and turn the "petition" in on election day at the polls? : ) Im half serious.