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".my judgement approves this measure--my whole heart is in it --all that I have -all that I am- all that I hope in this Life..."

"..my judgement approves this measure, and my whole heart is in it ...all that I have --all that I am--and all that I hope in this Life I am now ready to stake upon it!!---WHILE I LIVE LET ME HAVE A COUNTRY--A FREE COUNTRY

This great country of ours is in such danger of dying for good. How many people will suffer? How many children will grow up in a socialistic nightmare of a nation?? IF WE DON'T STOP IT!!! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID WE!! FOR WE HAVE IT IN OUR POWER TO SAVE NOT ONLY THIS NATION BUT THE 300 MILLION PEOPLE IN IT!!! The same ones who don't know how bad it is and how we are heading into a black hole of a nightmare of a future if we don't turn this car of a country around and I do mean quick.....The black dismal future that everyone will inherit, the future that none of us want...the future that the neo-cons and the damn globalists are "planning" for us ...a future where the constitution is dead, and every man/women/citizen has a chip in them....IS THIS WHAT WE WANT?? OF COURSE NOT....SO WE MUST FOCUS ALL OUR ENERGY(until there is no more hope for this) ON GETTING RON PAUL ELECTED....WE CAN STILL CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF THIS NATIONS FUTURE BY GETTING HIM ELECTED AND NOMINATED ON THE REPUBLICAN TICKET. We must not give up on that until the convention is over!!!! We can still influence the remaining state conventions and we can still persuade delegates that have been elected to National to change their vote or just abstain from the first round of voting...so we can release enough delegates to vote for RON PAUL!!! Please do not lose focus on this goal no matter what you hear or see...keep the focus for our children and grandchildren....thank you...


"..my judgement approves this measure, and my whole heart is in it ...all that I have --all that I am--and all that I hope in this LIfe I am now ready to stake upon it!!---WHILE I LIVE LET ME HAVE A COUNTRY--A FREE COUNTRY

For all the Ron Paul supporters, for the days when you feel like ever giving up refer to this video. Never Surrender.

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if any of you have lost a bit of hope and fire...

and you want some more...or for it to be rekindled....

then please do 2 things

---watch the video above



just drop me line...I will send you the letter...and your off assisting the Ron Paul Army to awaken ....

thanks for helping...

there are delegates still contacting me...




---Nevada reconvening

--DVD for delegates

-- paint St. Paul with Ron Paul

-- R3volution March

-- for those who still have a State Convention to win!!

---Liberty Rally in St. Paul.....

This bumps for you


---OPERATION URGENT CONTACT ....save the republic


----And....Rally for the delegates....

help them get to St. Paul

Was JFK a Statist?

JFK was to have said the follow; Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
The question is what does he mean by country? Did he mean government, the State?
If he meant; Ask not what your government can do for you, but what you can do for your government. I prefer to do neither.
If he meant; Ask not what the State can do for you, but what you can do for the State. Again I prefer neither.
If the phase means; Ask not what your brother can do for you, but what you can do for your brother. I find this appealing and am willing to help my neighbor, friends, family and the poor, but not some fat, rich, bloodsucking government or group of Statists.

I think he meant to get off

I think he meant to get off welfare and start soldiering the responsibility for governing ourselves. I think he meant stop looking for a handout and start handing out. He would have done much to end corruption and empire building if he had been left to live. I just watched that video series on ronpaulwarroom and was devastated that no one was ever brought to justice. To me, it is so obvious, and everyone knew LBJ and Hoover had something to do with it, and no one did squat. It is time we all squatted. This 9/11 thing is yet another and we should not leave any stones unturned. I am not a "truther" but we all KNOW this story is rank. It is past time we MADE them tell the truth.

I think he was a Statist


I agree on your comment..as well

get off welfare..and get back to building a life...

I agree on your comment..as well

get off welfare..and get back to building a life...

Thanks for posting-lets

Thanks for posting-lets stand together and stay strong, and keep the numbers growing, I have an idea I will try to post soon, we need to keep the ideas coming to move this along-as we wait for the outcomes in each state, and also the march-in the meantime I will also be working in my home state to help campaign for those who have proven themselves, as strict constitutionalists for the state offices. If you have any free or lowcost newspapers in your areas, please consider taking an ad out for the letter to the GOP, and also the revolution march.

When the time comes ...

When the time comes to speak out I will.
When the time comes to make declarations I will.
When the time comes to follow I will.
When the time comes to lead I will.
When the time comes to protest I will.
When the time comes for civil disobedience I will partake.
When the time comes to take up arms I will.
When the time comes to die I will.

I will not do this for my country.
I will not do this for money.
I will not do this for my friends.
I will not do this for my family.

I will do this for me.
I will do this for my own selfish reasons.
I will do this for freedom. Freedom is the message, not power.

We all have our roles.



Thank you

That's great!!! Mind if I add a line???

The time is now.

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

That was the perfect line

to add. LOL

I do not choose for you ...

nor you for me.

We all have our roles.

great poem!! you write it?

or you get it from somewhere??

It is mine.

ecorob's picture

the poem sucks...

and so do you!

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


This is what we both need and require in order to win the remaining State conventions!!! Network for supplies, if you are close make the trip to the convention!!! RALLY there! INVITE DR. PAUL TO SPEAK!!! EITHER AT THE CONVENTION OR OUTSIDE IT!!!!


The grannies say

and I don't know how they know this, but that Ron Paul will put out another video Monday. Wonder what it will say.

I wish it would say, "Let's work hard for the Republican Convention (and all of 'them' would think he means to influence it and all of 'us' would know we are trying to get him the nomination). My running mate is Jesse Ventura and he will be campaigning with me now through the Convention. After the convention, assuming that I am not the nominee, Jesse and I will be running together as Independents through the November election because we have to give this country the chance to vote against fascism and a one world global government. Yes, we realize the countries on this small globe must work together, but we believe this is best done is individual countries with sovereign distinctions. We do not believe in a world run by a small group of elites from secret meetings."

Good video

and great seeing all of the additional Ron Paul supporters in the comments below it. We are out there everywhere not just here. I have never felt like giving up, nor will I surrender my support for him to someone else. No one comes even close. He has repeatedly stated he will continue as long as he is supported. I think he realizes by now we are a pretty tenacious group and we are not going away.

I love this country but:

Sometimes I wonder if the country is worth saving. I get so discouraged
when I see how foolish the majority really is. I mention gas prices
and the people rub their forehead and make lame comments. I talk about
how wrong the war is and I get blank looks or am verbally attacked.
I ask war supporters why we need bases all over the world.
I get "schooled" on how we have to protect South Korea or Israel, etc.
I ask why and I am told I am so stupid.
The commies or some other boogieman might take over in Europe or Asia.
They won't wake up!
Every one agrees that prices are way up, but once they get home and
turn on the idiot box it all goes away.
Sorry for the dismal post. I am just so tired of seeing how
pathetic most people in this once great nation really are.
We have 5 classes in this country, I think.
1. the very wealthy (who could give a sh#$ about the rest of us, many of whom hold public office)
2. the so called successful who now are losing their homes and have so
much debt they will never see daylight.
3. the working middle class that is rapidly turning into group 4
4. the poor that are really trying and can't get anywhere.
5. the parasites that live on welfare and disability when they
are more than able to work.
Well on a different note, I will stay active in the REVOLUTION!
I will continue to support constitutional candidates and try to
oust the criminals.

Formerly rprevolutionist

you know...I can see how you feel that way...

if you reference the above poem....I think it says it best. In the end where will you live...If the answer is here, in America, then you must want a freed country REAL BAD!!!! Both for yourself and/or your children. yes the masses are ignorant, and many are afraid to wake up and see the wittings on the wall. But, they will see it...the question is can and will you lead them or those around you when it is time to actually retake this nation...Be it at the polls or through the barrel of a gun.

thank you for your thoughts

i couldn't have said it better myself! president ron paul president ron paul president ron paul


Successfully working within the GOP

will take nothing less than divine intervention. I was a delegate to my Congressional District and State conventions last week. I came away from those experiences with the confirmation that 1) The GOP is run by organized criminals that have taken over the Republican National Committee, and 2) 75% of the at-large membership of the GOP are brainwashed fools whose lives are dominated by fear and denial, so they dutifully follow the instructions given from the top. The current incarnation of the GOP hates Ron Paul and his supporters. This has been proven at every State convention so far. I'll continue to pray for divine intervention, and at the same time I'll be preparing for the hot revolution to begin.

We got our butts on the

We got our butts on the street and phone and recruited PCO's for our local GOP to vote in the right people come this fall. If you didn't sign up yourself find out how you can help someone in your county campaign against any old guard they're running against. This is one of the most important things we can do. Besides it pisses them off and I think that's a bonus!

I am a chess player, I play to win

There are those who take a draw or stalemate as though it were a victory, I am not among them.
I have the emotional fortitude of overcooked pasta, yet do not know how to quit. It makes me a very odd "warrior" but I assure you, I have not ""settled" in my heart. I want RON PAUL to be the Republican nominee.
I am on my way to the State Convention, and if all goes well perhaps I will get to National. If I make it, and no one else has a plan, for the love of all that is good - literally - find me. I DO have a plan. It is a plan to WIN.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

theres that tenacity I love .....

may your mind be open to the founding fathers great wisdom for in doing what you do....they love you for it...

"I have the emotional fortitude of overcooked pasta,"

Funny!! So do I.

Sayin' a little prayer for your convention.

I plan to WIN too. We can have it no other way.