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Serious Question About Iraq And How That Pertains To Iran's Supposed Nuclear Ambitions

I have a question for anybody willing to offer up an opinion. Now that the US is inching its way towards attacking Iran the government is offering up any reason to go there an attack. One of the biggest reasons cited is because of Irans nuclear ambitions and possible weaponization of nuclear material. Now, I have seen most people say to that,
"well, that is what they told us about Iraq and we have not found any WMD's there to this date".

So my question is, if not finding any sort of WMD's in Iraq is one of the biggest objections to the theory of Irans nuclear ambitions, why didn't our government simply fabricate false weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and say "Oh! Look what we found" ????????

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well we played

follow the osama and they wanted to play follow the wmd's. All we ended up with a little NWO Obama. mission occomplished.


they got what they wanted by forging the documents about the "yellow cake" from Niger.
After they got into Iraq, it didn't matter whether they "found anything" or not.
We were "in", and nothing was going to get us out, by then.

And also, it was alot easier to make up some story about how the WMDs "got away" thru some nefarious smuggling process, so that they could use the same excuse on some other unsuspecting country they want to invade to increase the empire.

Bump for truth


I bet they tried

There seem to be whistle blowers all over our military these days - Bush can't get them fired fast enough to keep all his dirty little secrets. I am willing to bet they tried.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.