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Ron Paul Backers Plan Own Convention

Friday, June 6, 2008 4:57 PM

By: Newsmax Staff

Supporters of Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination are planning to hold an insurgent state convention July 28 in Reno, Nev., even though the party has scheduled a sanctioned gathering July 26 to finish electing the state’s national delegates.

Paul’s backers say Nevada Republican leaders abruptly shut down the state's first convention attempt last April before final votes were cast. Earlier in the day, Paul's supporters had won a rules change that appeared to be leading to a national slate of delegates mostly pledged to Paul than to presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain.

The state party's executive director, Zachary Moyle, disputes the party tried to cut anybody out of the process, saying everything was done in an open manner. He also says extra security will be on hand this time because some delegates are concerned about safety.

While no violence occurred at the April convention, state Sen. Bob Beers, the presiding chairman, was rushed out of the building by security after angry delegates surrounded the stage moments after he called it to a close.

It has taken the party more than a month to reschedule the new convention, which leads Paul’s supporters to believe party leaders are obstructing democracy.

They argue the party's date to reconvene is so late there would be no time to regroup if problems similar to those that forced the end of the first one recur. National delegates must be elected by Aug. 1.

"A date so late in July is simply not reasonable," says one Paul supporter participating in the revolt. "We don't want to run out of time and possibly be forced into a mail-in ballot or an appointed delegation."

GOP officials say the event Paul’s forces want to stage is not sanctioned by the party, and delegates elected there would not be recognized by the national committee. Paul’s backers contend he needs a simple majority of delegates for a quorum to reconvene and elect delegates.

"Paul's grassroots supporters across the country are doing a tremendous job spreading [his] message, winning votes, and laying a strong foundation for the future," campaign spokesman Jesse Benton says.


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double post.

If there is a quorum on June 28,

If there is a quorum on June 28, would it be possible to pass some kind of rule change or resolution to move the delegate deadline ahead to before the convention in July? Or maybe pass a resolution to not recognize the results of that convention? There must be a way to ensure that the delegates chosen on June 28 aren't overridden by the state chair.

BTW, I'd bet almost anything that newsmax got the date wrong on purpose to confuse people so they won't be there on June 28.

The only true date

for the reconvene is June 28th. There is no other date...that's the best way to think of it. In this article, they "misspoke". That is as simple as it can get.


please email newsmax and tell them they got the dates wrong

here is the link to email them


they either did it honestly or intentionally

Anyone know about this?

Anyone know about this?


The right date is June 28 th!!! Not July 28th. and we the Nevada Republicans are holding the convention legally and fairly!!!!

here are travel plans for that date--

June 7, 2008

State Republican Convention Update

Hello everyone,

As previously stated, we are pushing ahead with reconvening our convention on June 28.

We DO NOT recommend that you make plans to attend the Party's planned convention on July 26. You only need to attend the one in June.
Our convention (6/28) WILL BE completely legal, and will be conducted fairly, openly, and in accordance with all applicable laws and rules.
It is also doubtful if the Party truly plans to reconvene on July 26 in any case.


We have contracted with three hotels to provide rooms for this convention. The hotels are holding them for us for a few days, so please act quickly! There is a volleyball tournament in town around the same time, so when the hotels release our rooms, they will probably fill up fast.

There are two options:

1) Stay Friday night only (6/27)

If you only plan to stay for one night, your best option is booking a room at the Grand Sierra Resort (which is where the convention is). They were only able to give us rooms on Friday, BUT if we can fill 70% of the rooms they gave us, we will receive a discount on the meeting hall, so please consider booking there. They also have the best rates.

Grand Sierra Resort (GSR)


Room code: REPC8


(You can try booking online, but their online system was not up and running when I checked.)

2) Stay Friday and Saturday nights (6/27 & 6/28)

We have two hotels with room available BOTH nights:

Peppermill (where the convention was on April 26)


Room code: MNRF08 (or "Nevada Republicans for Fairness")


The "special" rate for our block of rooms is $139, but their website appears to have better deals for other rooms, so make sure you get the best deal.

Here's their website, but it's still better to call.



Group code: GNRFF (or "Nevada Republicans for Fairness")


(Their website isn't working either.)

GSR-- (see above) You also have the option of booking a Friday room at the GSR with a credit card, and then do not check out on Saturday morning. If they have your CC number, they will charge you (full price) for an extra night, and will allow you to stay.

There are also other hotels with rooms in the area. Check with a travel website such as Orbitz.com for places like EconoLodge, etc.

We also have people offering space in their homes for free. If you are interested in this, please contact:

Victoria Crockett
(775) 815-2853

We are making progress everyday, and we are gaining support from many different sources. We hope all of you can make it!

If you have any questions, please contact me.

(775) 741-9180 (afternoons)


I really like the Grand Sierra Resort...I've stayed there before for another convention, and it has so many amenities and is not as glitzy as the Peppermill. I've just made my reservations. Hope to meet many of you there.... See you JUNE 28th!


Bad Idea

When 2 sets of delegates are chosen by state Republicans the Credentials Committee at the convention decides which delegates to seat. The Credentials Committee will be loaded with McCain supporters take a guess which delegates they'll chose.

Bob, you are incorrect

and it is a GOOD IDEA and it is happening. Please know, there are few who actually think the NV GOP leadership has any true intent in holding a Convention. Look at their history of delay tactics to date. If you are a delegate, let's make this happen NOW. In reality, the NV GOP leadership are the insurgents...they are the ones who walked out in the first place.


#1: Even if the state GOP

#1: Even if the state GOP actually HAS A CONVENTION, there will be no quorum and the will not be able to elect any delegates. After all, how will they garner a quorum when everybody already showed up on 6/28?

#2: After June 28th, the convention will be over and there will be no recourse for the state GOP to even have a convention.

#3: The State GOP is opting for a RSVP, supposedly by mail!
When there is insufficient RSVP, they will call off their convention due to 'lack of interest'.

They'll use the RSVP number

They'll use the RSVP number to change the number needed for a quorum.
I know that sounds weird but watch them do it.
If you have the numbers show up at their convention and vote them down. At the very least show up at both conventions to cya.
Even if you're right and they call off their convention they will appoint delegates to the convention once there they will be seated by the credentials committee. The only way to win this fight is vote down the McCain people by the rules they set (and yes I understand that's a moving target).


they're meeting the 28th, two days after the GOP decided convention? So they aren't going to the GOP one? If the Nevada GOP does theirs first, then there can't be a quorum. This will just end badly for us.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NO no no..the GOP one is in

NO no no..the GOP one is in July, right before the convention and 91 days after the first convention especially to nullify it. And fan of walt is right. AFTER we reconvened it, some other GOP leaders hastily made a new date a month later. This whole thing has gone on for a month ..where you guys been?

91 days?? your right!!! It would nullify it.....

that means perhaps the passage of the rule change that over half the delegates voted on might be automatically undone....the F***ERS, They are so ruthless and wicked!!! I cant believe that !!

EVERYONE promote the June 28th convention!!! This is our chance to get over 20 delegates to National!!!


Which came first?

I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure the "insurgent" group set their date first, and only then did the GOP quickly whip something up to take place a couple of days prior to that.

It's amazing how quickly the GOP leadership can hup-to when the proper motivation is present...

yeah, we know about what

yeah, we know about what happened previously.

What is up with these 2 future dates mentioned above?

No one is explaining here?