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The Official Voting Choice Of The Revolution

There are so many people that I have come to respect and admire here at the Daily Paul- always providing well thought-out opinions, guidance and debate. These same people are offering the same informed opinions as to what we should do with our one vote. Some say hang tight until after the convention, others say that is too late, that we need to start backing a candidate who will be in the general debates, still others advise to vote for Obama to keep McCain from taking the office, still others say they plan to write Dr Paul in or vote for Baldwin or Barr. I have heard some excellent points made for each of these options. As for me- I am one of the "vote your conscience even if its a wasted vote" people- Im not alone, but clearly in the minority. Quite honestly Im not so sure anymore what is the best thing to do. We have a significant voting block. If the Revolution was a political party- each member obligated to voting WITH the party- how would we vote? I realise that being a grassroots organisation we are free to do as we wish, but if we were committed to the cause of the revolution, which choice would best benefit it? As I said, I am a "vote your conscience-er"- but If Ron Paul were to endorse a specific candidate- my conscience would be satisfied by following the example of my first choice and voting how he does . If he does NOT endorse a candidate and the people who compose the Ron Paul Revolution were to come together and endorse a voting option- be it Write In, NOTA or any other option- I could sleep well knowing that even tho it may not be exactly what I would have chosen on my own, as a faithful supporter of the revolution, trusting in the majority decision of some of the finest political minds , I would be proud to stand with a united Revolution and be part of a significant voting block. An "official voting choice of the Ron Paul Revolution" so to speak. A choice we would all back in the interest of furthering our cause. If we remain scattered as to the most important decision we face yet "how to vote", then I will go with my original write in (or peek over RP's shoulder and do what he does), figuring he just may have a better idea of whats best for the country. Id like to see all RP supporters unified in how they vote.