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I see stars................

Whats up with Hilary's flag? It sure ain't the flag I'm used to seeing. Is this a phony picture? I sinecrely doubt it.

See the pic here:


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very interesting

Good call !

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to me

it looks like a normal flag


on our normal flag the 2 points are on the bottom and the 1 point is on the top. This one has the 2 points on the top. Small difference but an important one because that would make it a pentagram.


were the same flags used at the WYO republican convention in Rock Springs?

More evidence that the two major parties differ only in the color of their drapes.



The upside down stars

are called pentagrams.

Now, I don't know if it is intentional or mistake, or what(if anything) might be behind those stars on her flag.

However, the pentagram is the occult sign of Lucifer/Satan, and is often associated with devil-worshiping cults.
While pentagrams can be point-up or point-down, it is common in satanic use with the point down, as depicted in Hillary's flag.
Sometimes the upside-down pentagrams are superimposed within the boundaries with the head of a horned goat, which may be a devil or demon symbol.

Whatever it is, it is clearly not correct, and I doubt very much that a flag like this is easily obtainable without specifying it to be made that way.
It definitely arouses suspicions as to why it is being displayed.

Thats kinda where I waz goin with this

From what I have found, studying these so-called elites who think they own the world, a lot of them are really deeply into the occult in a big way.

Many of them, like a lot of occultist, really think pentagrams empower and protect them. Think Pentagon, Bohemian Grove, and all the wierd stuff in D.C.

Anywayz if they believe in this stuff or not, the signs are all around us.

I knew all of the other stuff

but are they really that brazen to put it on our flag. I am telling you if that flag is real whoever is responsible for displaying it should be dealt with.

omg, if that flag is not fake

that goes way beyond descecration. This needs to be investigated.

Made in China,What'd you expect.

Those 10 year old Chinese kids can't do anything right.

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Yes, maybe it's simply ignorance. Though it looks weird, even to me as a foreigner.

Dr. Paul cured my apathy

Ron Paul was right

There is something really weird

about that flag but more disturbing is the one I saw with the Israel star insignia superimposed over it and she was sitting in front of it. I don't know if that was fake either. Isn't it illegal to desecrate our flag? Now that I think of it could those "stars" be small Israel insignias? I can't see them that clearly.

They are upside down stars.

This has been brought to our attention before and I don't know what the date is on this one, but it might be the same time that was presented before. Although, I thought that flag before was behind the speaker. If she is transporting that flag, that would be interesting to know.

Why doesn't someone ask her campaign.

I think it is time to make the dems talk about stuff right out. Bilderberg meetings, corridors from Mexico to Canada, falling, falling dollar, etc.

Well if they are upside down

Maybe it is like the distress signal of upside down flag. God knows, our country will be in distress if she is put in control. At any rate I think any change would be considered a desecration wouldn't it.


Personally I really think the photo is real and this is intentional. I've quite often seen the stars inverted on alot of the GOP stuff, ya know, like the flag on the elephant's back, etc.

That's funny

The stars don't have the top point pointing up. Instead, the stars are "upside down", with the vertical axis point pointing straight down. ??

(My that was tricky and cumbersome to describe in words!)