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Ron Paul Revolution Money Bomb Hero Speaks Out

Many people think that Trevor Lyman was the man behind the Ron Paul “Money Bomb” idea due to him being in the media following the November 5th event. The fact is that James Sugra is the man who came up with the idea, and he let Trevor create the web site and promote it.

He recently posted an uplifting message and video on Ron Paul Forums about his experience during that November 5th time frame.

James writes:

The cause is not the affect it is the reason. This is my 26th video for the Ron Paul movement. To think it all started 8 months ago back in October. I thought of an idea it was pretty simple. I proposed the first mass donation video for Ron Paul on a controversial day November 5th. I didn’t know how many supporters would actually donate and I had no clue how much to make the donation. After reviewing all the various sites the numbers came to mind. 100,000 patriots donating 100 dollars a piece. It was a long shot to say the least. I was so broke I couldn’t even afford to donate myself. I am ashamed to admit that but it’s true.

All my credit cards had been maxed out I just started a new job that was 100% commission. I thought if I couldn’t donate maybe there was someone out there that could and that was my driving force. I only needed to reach one person and if that person believed in my idea they could take it to the next level. I met someone by the name of Ronpaulmeetupvideos on YouTube AKA Trevor Lyman.

He said he created a website for the idea. I knew it needed something more because many people were posting on the original video asking; I am in but who else is going to donate? Trevor Lyman became the general of this idea and I respect him for all his efforts even if some people don’t give him the credit he deserves. His site built so much excitement and was an awesome grassroots effort from so many people.

One week until November 5th I learned some shocking news that would change my life forever. My father passed away 9 years ago when I was 18 years old. His birthday was on November 5th. To many November 5th is a historic day because what we accomplished. To me it was a tribute to the man who taught me everything I know. I feel he empowered me to think of the idea and I may not be religous but I became spiritual. Ron Paul had restored my faith in my country but my father would restore my faith in believing in myself.

On November 10th I was recognized by the New York times as the creator of the movement. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I also remember the lady from the New York Times telling me congratulations. I had no idea my name would be published in the main lead story in the NYT “The Web finds it’s Candidate and takes him for a ride”. That day my name would appear on every major internet site Yahoo, MSN, AOL and many other sites.

I did not do all the media interviews and gain RP celebrity status for a reason. I felt there were to many people to thank. Being recognized was enough for me and I didn’t need to do all the interviews. You would all laugh if you new all the people who contacted me Newt Gingrich’s director of fundraising David Kelley even contacted me to help with their non prophit organiztion (Not Happening). I learned information directly from the Ron Paul campaign and how they new November 5th was alive from day one but never recognized it because the controversy.

I never did get my phone call from Ron Paul. However I did get an opportunity to meet him at the Simi Valley Debate after rally. I drove for 3 hours with some of my meetup friends and Ron Paul was only shaking peoples hands not giving out autographs. I walked up to Ron Paul and told him who I was and a staff member pulled me aside. Ron signed my article from November 10th and he said this. It’s ideas like these that make it all worth while and he thanked me. I did an interview with the campaign and then cruised around in the Ron Paul limo for about an hour.

One of the staffers graciously took off his VIP pass and handed it to Carol Paul. She signed it and handed it to me. The staffer thanked me for my efforts and I never felt more appreciated in my life. Why? I am nobody I am your average Joe who had been beaten down in life from tragedy, disappointment and for one day on November 5th I accomplished something great. The old sang is true never doubt that a committed group of individuals can change the world.

It does not matter who I am or what I did. What matters now is you become the person with the next great idea. So many people have contacted me trying to get me to promote their Ron Paul ideas which saddens me. I know that if they don’t have the courage to stand up for what they believe in we will never win. From one patriot to another find your calling and make the most of it.

Here is his video promoting the upcoming Revolution March and the money bomb day to raise money for the event. Please consider donating to fund the march on June 14th, during the Flag Day money bomb.


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never wait for permission


I like that.Thanks for the article and your donation/idea was worth millions$$$.

a great and inspirational read...

great video as well!!!