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Arkansas, Oregon and Utah RULE All other States!

.as of this moment, the titled states above are the ONLY 3 that are definitely delivering the Petitions of grievance on June 30th to ALL their Congressional offices. Granted, there are some states that only need one or two more, like Texas (huge) and AZ (pretty big) but there are some states that have NONE and these may surprise you. States like AK, Idaho, Vermont, W. VA, ND, and R.I. are going to be left out of this initiative if you guys do not get cracking. If ALL of the Congressmen get served on the SAME day, it may finally be heard. The Supreme Court has already DENIED the Constitutional Right to Petition for Redress of Grievance and this is the BIGGEST grievance of them all..

Please. please...go check on your state. Go to www.givemeliberty.org/revolution and click down to volunteer to petition (you are not volunteering yet) and check out your state for its needs. MANY congressmen are located at other offices than the ones listed, so you can perhaps find a closer one if you choose to do this.

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I'd say 'your welcome' but i did it for me.

I've also contacted my county coordinator and asked how I may help. Maybe i'll serve the petition to redress.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

WTG freedom..I am doing it

WTG freedom..I am doing it for all of us, too..this seems a no brainer to me..costs nothing except a few gas dollars and a bit of time, and it just may make the news somewhere, causing people to say..ABOUT TIME! There is nothing RP in this, other than Shultz knows we care and is asking for our help. I was astonished that only 3 stares were completely covered, but I know we only have like 4 guys here, and Texas has a BUNCH.

nanny nanny boo boo Arkansas

nanny nanny boo boo
Arkansas Cares
Why don't you..

I've signed them all.

I've signed them all.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Thanks..there are almost

Thanks..there are almost 70,000 people who have signed. Now we MUST get them all hand delivered on June 30. If any office is near you for your state, please volunteer to bring it. Thanks.

PS..I can NOT believe Vermont and Idaho..in fact, even NH is missing a few...