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From the "No Duh" Department

Perhaps this was already posted on DP, but I didn't see anything about it here. So in case others missed it, here's news hot off the press that everybody already knew.

So why is the MSM screaming these headlines all of a sudden? I can think of some reasons...

Bush 'falsely led US to Iraq war', says report

Senate panel: Bush purposely inflated Iraq threat in prelude to war

Bush Overstated Iraq Evidence, Senators Report

The False Trail That Led to War

Special quote (from 1st linked article):

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino says the administration regrets that the intelligence was wrong, but maintains that it was fully vetted.


"The issue about Iraq's [weapons of mass destruction] ultimately turned out to be false and we have fully admitted that.

"We regret it and we have also taken steps to make sure we can correct it in the future."

So, oops, sorry, our bad; we'll do better next time. Let's let bygones be bygones. Meanwhile, we're sending more troops in for more warfare...

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So why isn't the man in

So why isn't the man in prison?

That most certainly is

a question for our congress critters. But instead, everyone heaves a collective shrug and goes on about their business...