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6.00 DOLLAR GAS!!!!

Six Dollar Gas

Speaking of warring currencies and such, and the pressures to launch a preemptive attack on Iran over oil (although it will be spun otherwise) you do know that Iran has it's commodity bourse open and all that remains its to turn on oil trading in Euros right?


The run-up of oil prices this week about ensures $6 gas this summer. here's why:

A barrel of oil is 42 gallons. That means the raw material cost to make gasoline or diesel is $3.33 a gallon. Now, what do you reckon the cracking (distillation) costs are? I would guess a dollar. And transportation and Federal taxes? Another buck, you think? And then what about mark-up for the retailer? 50-cents, maybe? Throw on a heap of state and local taxes and we're there! Just has to come through the supply chain to you.

Look for war to show up about when gas goes over $6 dollars. The pols & hacks will then blame Iran (or whoever) and the dumber of our countrymen will buy it.


BTW, coming up on Sunday through Wednesday, look for some horrific kind of mass murder/emotionally grabby news event as a possibility. Bob Hitt, www.astroecon.com, has this theory that when tensions are really building up which could trash the market, one way to defuse the emotions that would otherwise tear down the market is for the PTB to 'stage' an emotion-grabbing news event. If it happens, remember to recognize it. Might have 'occult' numerology associated with it too, like 5, 7, 11, 19, 33...that kind of thing. Just watching, not predicting anything specific.

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Did you see this today

on Jim Sinclair's site
Author: Jim Sinclair

My Dear Friends,

I have not been warning you about the developments in Pakistan for two years based on imagination. My sources are people who know and have yet to be wrong.

Do you remember the spin when Musharraf was politically unseated? The spin that day was that it was a true exercise of Democracy, and positive to Western interests. That will go down in the history of spin as world class stupid.

The end of Musharraf will compete in the annals of history with the disposition of the Shah of Iran.

This is not about the in-place nukes.

Crude is going to $170 and gold to $1200 this year with sound reasoning. Globalization now poses a problem for the Authoritarian central planners.

There is absolutely nothing the Authoritarian central planners can do to prevent $170 crude and $1200 gold because markets everywhere are licking their chops for US price controls and market interference.

Pakistan gives in to terror

I think your $6.00 is conservative

The Feds do get a dollar. Here in small town Oregon it is now $4.20 (oh that was yesterday). Bob Chapman was saying about three weeks ago that the prices we are paying now is for when it hit about $80/barrel. I'll let you do the math - my husband at OR State Convention. Good forum.

I already pay $6.40.


Lisa C.


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OMG that's a lot

You must live in an expensive high-powered area. Hawaii maybe? My local gas station owner told me two days that his volume is way down. Anyway, the new oil prices have not percolated through the entire economy yet.

One barrel contains 42

One barrel contains 42 gallons of crude oil. The total volume of products made from crude oil based origins is 48.43 gallons on average - 6.43 gallons greater than the original 42 gallons of crude oil. This represents a "processing gain" due to the additional other petroleum products such as alkylates that are added to the refining process to create the final products.

Additionally, California gasoline contains approximately 5.7 percent by volume of ethanol, a non-petroleum-based additive that brings the total processing gain to 7.59 gallons (or 49.59 total gallons).



but yeah- I think gas prices are gonna jump also.

Thanks, sounds

logical to me. The sheep are asleep at the wheel. lol

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Thursday gas was 3.49...Friday 3.79...Saturday 3.85...I have learned gas will be going up again..everywhere..Sunday...
Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Try $4.33/gal..that's the cheapest around my neck of the woods.

Betcha $6 will be here come summer....


Iran stopped denominating oil sales in dollars on April 30th of this year, precisely what Lindsey Williams told us would happen a year prior. Iran also will not accept the banking terms of the world bank. They refuse to bow down to the NWO Zionists.

These two reason are the truth of why we are going to "obliterate" Iran....

The #1 watched video on Google, Lindsey Williams Energy Non-Crisis:

Interview with the head of the Illuminati about the true reason we are warring with Iran: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcuxA5gCR9k&feature=related. (Watch all three parts. Around 15 min. The interviewer is a devout Christian who follows Bible prophecy.)

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X + Y = Z.

Z as in ...

Where's the happy little tire swing?

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