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Riddle of the day. 6/8/08. By Rhino

I think I am going to try to do a riddle every day.

I enjoy the ones that come up from time to time on dailypaul.

It won't be RP oriented, but freedom is the message.

I will try to mix it up, but I am sure my interests will shine through.

If it is like most of my posts and gets little action, I may get disinterested and stop, but I will do my best.

I won't be available tomorrow morning to post so I am posting tomorrow's riddle this afternoon.

All riddles will get an updated answer sometime in the evening.

Not an I.T. guy, but if someone wanted to coordinate some sort of prize for the winning answer that would be awesome.

So here is the riddle for tomorow.

Who am I?

Oh the beauty of my work, Liberty walking.
Beneath the wing on the tail side is a clue.
My namesake a fascist belonging.
My epitaph makes me blue.

Any correct answer must be posted on a Sunday date.

I do know the answer to this riddle. So I will post it tomorrow night.

I hope Manystrom will post the answer to my first riddle, or trivia question as someone pointed out.

Good luck all.

We all have our roles.

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Adolph A. Weinman

"Walking Liberty" is the name of a coin.

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar is a silver half dollar coin issued by the United States government, equal to fifty cents. Walking Liberties were minted from 1916 to 1947. The coin is named after its representation of Liberty on the obverse. The coin's obverse and reverse was designed by Adolph A. Weinman and his mark, "AAW", appears under the eagle's wing feathers on the reverse.

The answer:

Adolph Weinman.

Oh the beauty of my work,

Oh the beauty of my work, Liberty walking (right out the door with my vote for the patriot act)

Beneath the wing on the tail side is a clue (here's a hint, you wipe it from the bottom of your shoe)

My namesake a fascist belonging (because of almost every vote I've ever cast)

My epitaph makes me blue (as a dead rat in an aquarium....just like my campaign)

Hrmmmmm Alex.....who is Bob Barr!!!!!!!

I think this is a US

I think this is a US coin..either a half dollar or a dollar..walking liberty half, anybe, but I do not have either of them to check...lol