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Digg it - Defiance and Victory at the Indiana State Republican Convention

During the Indiana Republican Party State Convention held at the Indiana Convention Center located in Indianapolis on June 2nd, party bosses subvert the rules by employing the political tactics of Stalin and Mao. These big government, Neo - Conservatives fearful of traditional conservative Republicans elected during county primaries will violate national committee rules, abandons Robert’s Rules of Order and rely on the strong-arm of the law to prevent any video recording of their nefarious deeds.

Creating the Conservative Republican Statesman Caucus 400 delegates elected by Republican primary voters are prevented from fully participating in the national delegate selection process by party insiders determined to maintain top down control. The subversion of the democratic process would begin three days prior to the convention when party insiders would alter the rules of the Indiana Republican State Convention in direct violation of rule 15(e) (1) of the Republican National Committee, every state party is required to adopt their procedure for selecting delegates to the Republican National Convention by the 2nd Tuesday of last September of the year before the year in which the national convention is to be held.

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They tried to screw us here in Washington like that...

However, I find the article to be hazy on details. I really wasn't sure what had happened at the convention. Can someone please elaborate on the details?

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

i was there

as an elected delegate here in indiana, let me say that the convention was a strong armed, dishonest load of ?????? furthermore, the governor in indiana is a neo con himself ("leasing our toll road to foreigners), yet the indiana citizens do not see. thanks to the sleeping sheeples, the REAL ID will be up and running as early as next year putting my entire family at risk. please help indiana by digging this article. i think that we are the slowest to recognize what is in front of our very own eyes- especially since the marines are here in indy and noone seems to care. our governor has done illegal things (dipping into the teachers pension for one) in our state yet heads turn the other way. i am totally at a loss for what to so next, however, i would like to thank the conservative statesman for their relentless pursuit of justice here and am proud to belong to such an honest group of patriots. BTW- we did manage to get our guy elected AG instead of the governor's wanna-be, so i suppose all was not lost. the old school got to see what passion some of us have for liberty and justice for all!! president ron paul president ron paul president ron paul


I also

was there, very well said freespeech.