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Be sure Obama will keep his word...this is what most americans will have with him president


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That is the change we will have.

Isn't it interesting that he ran on 'This isn't about being black' and then the first thing out of his mouth when he got the nomination was 'This is an historical occasion for an African-American to be the presumptive Democratic nominee.' Those are not precise quotes. Either it is or it isn't about being black. I think he has made it perfectly clear that to him, at least, it is very, very much about being black. His wife makes that perfectly clear also. And I remind America, DON'T put more attorneys in the White House. This attorney thing is going way too far.

ofcourse it's about being

ofcourse it's about being black-because it hasn't happened before. duh....while I agree with the sentiment of alot of whites that there is a fear of reverse discrimination I don't find it particularly harmful or dreadful that this history has been made. I do think alot of people will. and God forbid anybody say anything about race-let the attacks begin. simply pointing out the differences and your automatically a racist. Oh, yeah I do live in the south therefore that may be the reason I have heard talk about reverse discrimination.....Michelle Obama is one bad mama.....I don't like her one bit...her and her "first time I am proud of my country" bullshit.....oh yeah that's right she didn't mean it the way it sounded.....right!

My older church friends from Florida keep saying "he's a muslim" they must have started pushing that after Huckabee dropped out.

"...the most memorable concern of mankind
is the guts it takes to
face the sunlight again."-Charles Bukowski