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The Pornography of Power:

I just watched an interview on NightTalk with Robert Scheer, the author of The Pornography of Power: How Defense Hawks Hijacked 9/11 and Weakened America. This guy was "ON POINT"!!! He was quick on his feet, witty, informed, etc. He sounded just like Ron Paul in his thinking, so I'm wondering if he is a supporter.

His analysis of China and Taiwan and recent events was right on. We're screwed with our present government. We need the entire congress to resign (except Dr. Paul of course).

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there are still a few decent congressman left

but only a few.

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I called in during his NPR interview

and told him (and the rest of the audience) that Ron Paul was still in the presidential race collecting delegates and voters in every state and also asked how the american public can know about noninterventionist candidates if the media puts out propaganda supported by the military industrial complex.
After the NPR cut my phone call off Robert Scheer said he agreed that Ron Paul was a strong voice for non interventionism, but he didn't agree with Dr. Paul's social policies or where to cut spending. More vigorously he agreed that the military industrial complex influences everything the American media tells us and gave several examples of the differences between the coverage of the Vietnam War and today.
All in all a great interview. My impression is he's a socialist who wants freedom of the press, kind of like Naomi Wolf.

i never understand the

i never understand the people like that.

they want more freedom and less war, yet they are socialist which by definition means more government and personal intervention/control.

am i missing something or are these people just idiots?

i'm with you

people like naomi wolf baffle me.

Is that Schuer??

If so, that man is a supporter of Ron Paul.

we need new public

we need new public officials!!!