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The Ron Paul Campaign - The Natives are Restless!

It feels good to say it doesn't it? It's what we've all been waiting for.

Some of you may know me as the woman who rallied the troops in NH to "put your money where your mouth is". And that they did!

They were, along with a huge internet presence and following, part of the reason that Ron decided to make the run.

Now I am getting calls and emails from all over the country from anxious Ron Paul supporters with everything from ideas for what the official campaign slogan should be to how to get Ron to appear at house parties in their state.

In NH, the natives are restless! They are champing at the bit to volunteer and wonder when a campaign office is going to be opened.

Just today I was sent statistics about the number of hits Ron's explore website had received compared to that woman Democrat we all know is running.

According to Alexa data:

Traffic Rank for  18,401
Traffic Rank for  240,343

My own concern is the complete lack of coverage on large news outlets such as Fox News, who make statements such as, 'there is no other anti-war Republican in the race', as if Ron did not exist!

That is why it is important to dog these outlets with demands to cover Ron and his appearances. Ron also must come and spend considerable time combing NH and making appearances everywhere he can. It's the way Pat Buchanan won the hearts and minds of the people in NH when he won the primary.

So, we're here, we're waiting, and we're ready for action!

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Campaign Slogan

How about "Live free or die!". That ought to be popular among New Hampshire voters. A little extreme maybe, but it gets your attention.

or even better!

Or even better, the whole slogan.

"Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils."

Campaign Slogan

Lets take it all with Dr. Paul!

Win it all with Dr. Paul!


Other candidates are driving around NH in huge buses and stopping at every town meeting, bean supper and GOP meeting they can. But we are not interested! We want Ron.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Thanks Jane!

M. Raborn Though a computer novice, I am thrilled to be able to meet people like yourself and other Ron Paul supporters across the nation. The news about Ron's web site getting 240,000 plus hits, is wonderful. We just have to keep it up and build on it. Thanks again! Margie

M. Raborn

Great Job Jane

Hi Jane,

I was in NH for the Forum.

I am not sure what to make of the page rank. 220,000 places below Hillary seems like a lot.

On the Media blackout thing, please see my blog post today re: TIME Magazine. get your chompin' at the bit free staters to Dog TIME ASAP. This is the second major article that blatantly omits Paul.

Media ignorance may be due to surprise

I really think that the media ignorance is for several reasons.

First most of the media are Democrats so they handle Democrats and Republicans differently. There is an old adage that Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line, meaning that Democrats like to fall in love their candidates and Republicans fall in line with the heir apparent to the nomination (former vice-president, person who can number two in the last primary campaign, etc). This means that reporters do a lot of canvassing to find out the Democrats (whom they are one of of) are passionate about and simply look at the executive branch and the previous primary results to figure out who to follow on the Republican side.

Second is that although most candidate are starting to declare now, in reality they have been campaigning indirectly at least since November and even before that the have been dropping hints prior to that time. Since reporters are not Republicans the speed at which RP has declared and has obtained support has really not sunk in. RP was off the script and until RP comes first or second in polling, he will probably still be off the script. Hopefully, the C SPAN interview has improved the climate.

Also finally because most of the media is Democrats I really don't think they truly comprehend how weak the support in the Republican camp for the current "front-runners". Giuliani is simply a creation of the media bias for all things New York (there is a reason why Hillary chose to be a New York senator) and McCain has really surprised everyone on how weak his support is. I think the general feeling is that McCain should have had this campaign in the bag considering he has really be running for the presidency since 1999.

Finally, there is a little quid pro quo in these candidacies. These candidates have built media relations through their various committee assignments and are calling in the favors now they are running. RP's lack of support in the party has hurt in this respect.

Finally, there is a little

Finally, there is a little quid pro quo in these candidacies. These candidates have built media relations through their various committee assignments and are calling in the favors now they are running. RP's lack of support in the party has hurt in this respect.

What comitte assignments? 2 of the 3 front runners were Governors. Rudy I can understand maybe being America's Mayor and all that 9-11 stuff, but Romney? Who in the media owes him anything outside of Mass.?

The quid pro quo is political. Romney's pop was in Nixon's administration, the family has been connected within the party for years. Between that and Romney's buds from his big biz dealings will Because of that romney will raise money. He who raises the money gets noticed. He who has the connections raises the money.

Give Ron Paul a hundred mil and he will be above the fold tomorrow.