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Open Letter to Dr. Ron Paul, Part 3

Hello again Dr. Paul,

I would like to make a few comments on the political intervention against Iraq. Calling it a war is a play on words as no war was ever declared by an act of Congress. This was nothing less than an unconscionable shirking of responsibility by our legislative branch of government by giving powers to the executive branch to destroy a sovereign nation based on lies and misdirection. Hundreds of thousands of lives lost; many hundreds of thousand more severely injured. Putting our best and finest young men and women in harms way for the benefit of those in power is a disgrace of the highest magnitude.

I have been reading your book “A foreign Policy of Freedom”. Quite frankly it is a difficult read, not because it is not clearly written; it is very clear. Not because you were not right, you were and always have been right. It is difficult to read because it clearly points out how so many of our country's leaders acted with such shameful disregard for the truth and common sense that you so eloquently presented to them. It’s sad to realize that you could take any of your speeches from as far back as 25 years ago and repeat them today. Nothing has changed and the cost to the American people is enormous!

Any presidential candidate who claims that “had I only known then what I know now I would have voted against the war” are either shameful hypocrites or totally naive and should not be allowed to lead this country into more of the same. The truth was there for them to see but they chose to ignore it.

You have stated many times most of the reasons why we invade and interfere with other nations (our foreign intervention policies); from the warfare state that benefits big government and big defense companies; to Iraq threatening to change the US dollar to the Euro as the official money for trading their oil; threatening the Federal Reserve banker’s sham of our US fiat dollar. We went from our own gold standard to an oil standard, only most of the oil isn’t ours.

All of these reasons should now be obvious to any thinking American. There must be something we’re missing! How can it be that rank and file politicians ignored their responsibilities to stand up with you to stop this insanity? How can it be that the majority of Americans were in favor of attacking Iraq? Why do we allow the power elite to do terrible things in our name.

I’m afraid my answer may possibly meet with some hostility by many of your readers, but I can’t help myself. It must be said!

If I were to say to you that the followers of Islam believe it is their duty, their obligation, to spread the word of Allah throughout the world; that believers will receive a great reward in the next life; that non-believers must convert to Allah or be forever damned, what would your reaction be?

If I said to you that the followers of Christianity believe that it is their duty, their obligation, to spread the word of Jesus Christ throughout the world; that believers will receive a great reward in the next life; that non-believers must convert to Jesus Christ or be forever damned, would your reaction be any different?

I believe the answer to why such complacency permeates our political and social attitudes lies in a belief in a perceived responsibility to persuade others to our own religious beliefs. “If they don’t believe as we believe, they must be evil. Whatever happens to them, they probably deserve it.” If the American people are honest with themselves, I believe many would have to admit that this idea did seep into their thoughts at one point or another. I’m sad to say it crossed my mind a few times!

Finally the American people are “waking up”. This awakening is NOT being led by our political and religious leaders. It is being led by the American people. It is the basic goodness and sense of fairness that, “We the People” have always stood for, finally coming forward.

Dr Paul I accept the fact that if you were not a Christian, the probability of you being elected as our President would be next to zero. But I’m not voting for you because you are a Christian; I am voting for you because you represent the true nature of the American people. You represent the best of our innate goodness; morality, honesty, courage and intelligence.

I hope you have a chance to consider my comments and opinions. As always, I wish you well.

Respectfully Yours,

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An Interesting Article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

M. Raborn
While I rarely call myself, a Christian, I usually just say, "I am a sinner saved by the blood of Christ." Today the term "Christian" has too many different definitions to different people for me to be comfortable identifying with it. However, I found the recent article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin interesting and educational. It is titled The Worst Tragedy of the Bush Presidency and is available at http://www.chuckbaldwinlive.com/c2007/cbarchive_20070629.html .
I think it agrees with many of the views of Anti-Stupid.

M. Raborn

Big difference

There is a BIG difference between Christianity and Islam.

Allah requires that you give your son to die for him.

God gave His Son to die for you.

There is no comparison.

Big Difference: response

Hello Michael W., thank you for your response. However, I can think of about 3,500 reasons why your statement may not be correct. Christian sons and daughters have been dying in holy wars for a long time. The one thing that we learn from history is that we never learn from history.

You can say that the Iraq war is not a holy war but my point was that the complacency that led us into this war, that kept our rank and file representative and the American people from standing up to our leaders, just might have something to do with religious beliefs.

Respectfully Yours,

They don't represent me.

Dear Anti-Stupid,
Christians who actually read and follow their Bibles do not
believe that any war is "Holy". It saddens me when I see so many Christians saying that the war in Iraq is "Justifiable". These Christians do not represent me. War, to me is the sum of all evil.

Me neither

Hello Michael W,

I understand your position and I agree with you. I have no doubt that you are a good and moral person. I just believe that those qualities come from within you; and that you would be a good and moral person with or without religious belief.

Big religion troubles me as much a big government troubles me, (not because individual Christians are bad people, they most emphatically are not), but because both entities suffer from the same frailties of corruption and power. As long as an individual remains a thinking compassionate human being, it doesn’t matter to me what their religious beliefs are. If you draw comfort and understanding from your beliefs, then you are a better person for them.

But when the power elite with the complacency of religious leaders use religious dogma as a tool to control you, then you must step outside that organized religion and think for yourself. I believe that this may be a problem for many Christians who put too much faith and trust in their religious leaders, just as we sometimes put too much faith and trust in our political leaders. We should always hold them accountable for their actions.

Tolerance for the rights of others (acting lawfully within the constraints of our constitution, not laws that contradict the constitution) whether they believe as we do or not is the true freedom this country was founded on.

Respectfully Yours,

Big Religion VS Jesus

Hello Anti-Stupid,

"..this may be a problem for many Christians who put too much faith and trust in their religious leaders.."

Your above statement leads me to believe that you are talking about those whom many Jesus following Christians call (among many other names) "nominal" Christians. These are not Christians any more than Richard Gere is a Buddhist...
Please consider calling them by one of their alias's - nominals, corporate christians, prosperity christians,etc.
The fake Christian agenda that has been espoused by good ole George Dubya has done major damage to real Jesus Christianity. Please stop regurgitating the "if it works for you" mindset. Before you compare Islam and Christianity I suggest you read what Jesus teaches (Book of John is a good place to start) and read what Mohammad teaches.
You will most definitely deduct that most American republicans act like Mohammad has taught them.

There is merit in the fact that the founding fathers were all unashamedly strong Christian men and drew up the Constitution based on fundamental Jesus teachings (biblical). Ron Paul has stood firmly on these and has not copped out on any issue in this extremely sensitive area of Church and State...

As you have researched Ron, research Jesus. As we have heard many Ron Paulers state "don't believe what you hear about him, read for yourself what he teaches"... God bless you...