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New Commercials for IA, NH

Brandon from New Hampshire is with OperationNH.com and he emailed me to tell me about the new commercials he and his partners have created. The top one is to run in Iowa, and it is about a veteran (presumably from Texas) who loves Ron Paul. Simple and direct, emphasizing the veterant/military slant.

In the lower part of the page are two commercials-in-progress for New Hampshire. The real voice over is not on the first one, but the 2nd one is nearly complete.


When Brandon sent the link to his first efforts a while back, you may remember that the commericals were a bit off. There was the JFK quote and the images of students in a library. It didn't work very well, but was a noble effort. These new commercials, however, are a lot better and have a good focus. Perfect? No, but they are a giant leap forward. Nice work from dedicated New Hampshire folks.

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Some people freaked out about the first ads. I was okay with those ads, but this new bunch is a BIG improvement.

God bless that wonderful man for his heartfelt endorsement. I know that was for the Congressional run, but his gratitude comes across in the commercial. I am sure it continues to the present. (There was debate about this.)

I loved the second commercial, too. That shot of Ron Paul ringing the Liberty Bell and the handpainted sign on the truck really capture the momentum of this campaign. You must be very proud!

I don't like the pixelated fragmenty montage thingy with the little kids voiceover but maybe they're into that in Middle America. I get annoyed when kids answer the phone sometimes.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul


These ads are perfect! Spread the word to your meetup groups, so we run these ads all over the country!

There is hope for America.

There is hope for America.


ads I have seen to date.
operation NH has their &%^$ together!!!

absolutely beautiful

i think you should use all3 of these ads

in both iowa and new hampshire mix it up a bit that way they arent seeing just one ad. also i wanted that ad on the bottom left for iowa so my friends could see me and my wife in it. so please play all 3, oh please please please.


Nice work. I got all choked up.

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The veteran

Definitely lives in Dr. Paul's district in Texas. I'd like to be sure he supports this congressional-race ad being edited into a Presidential ad. Is someone in touch with him, I hope, regarding that? He sounds like a fantastic guy, and I'm glad Dr. Paul's office was able to help him after all that service.

I like that guy...

Ol' Whitey sounds like one of those no BS guys whose been there. edit away =)

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