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Meetup Groups Involvement

I've noticed that the meetup groups have formed and have good numbers. Unfortunately, I've also noticed that participation is rather low or at least for the Chicago group and its subgroups. This is a reminder to all out there that this campaign is a grassroots campaign which means local level involvement is what will get him elected. Money is an issue for these meetup groups which are independent from the campaign. However, actions are just as important as the money issue. Therefore, getting the word out requires supporters on the streets. Get precinct walks organized. Get letters to the editor organized. Be sure to visit the local festivals with handout information. At the festivals stand where the majority of people enter and exit. For those that have maxed out on there donations to the national campaign would or should if they feel they can give more should throw their money behind the meetup groups too. Contact the meetup head sponsors in your area to find out what you can do to help. Max involvement at he grass roots level is where WE can do this campaign the most good.

We are vigorous on the internet, lets be vigorous in the streets as well!


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