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WHY would anybody want to stay in this corrupt Republican Party!

I hope Ron Paul's address to the troops tonight, includes an announcement that he will seek a third party run.

My first choice is the Constitutional Party, because of its NAME recondition, and also because of Chuck Baldwin, a truly Godly man who I support. My second choice would be the Libertarian Party because of Bob Barr. But either way he needs to endorse one or the other, or help pull these two parties together as one.

But,.. under NO circumstances will I ever support another Republican Party Presidential Candidate. This Party is too far gone, too wicked, and literally out to destroy the Constitution of The United States, and therefore the true terrorists against this Great Country.

I would love to see Ron Paul blast the Republican Party tonight for what they have become. If He fails to give clear and precise direction to the troops in the field tonight, regarding whom to support for president, He will have failed. Without direction this movement will go in all kinds of directions, and splinter into nothing.

This is the time, and Texas is the place for these hard decisions to be made, regarding who to support for President. And continuing to support a corrupt Republican Party is NOT a part of equation any longer for me… and I know for many others too.


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What a bunch of horsepucky nonsense

You have hundreds of future leaders running for election this very moment for county committees, state assemblies, state senatorial districts and members of the U.S. House. These folks are working hard to put into place, by the rules of the system, the very platform planks that a million RP people asserted in caucuses and voted for all over our country.

Now, do you want to switch gears and disembowel the very party that these hundreds of dedicated patriots are running in by turning tail and running away?

You need to do a reality check.

Yea being thinking about that for awhile now

Started a blog about it if your interested in hearing my thoughts on uniting the third parties check it out. I would love some input.

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To bring it back

to truth, honesty and following the constitution. Jesus died at the hands of the people he was trying to save.


I would love to see the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party merge, but I think the CP is probably too "Christian" to move towards a more secular party platform, and the LP is probably too secular to move towards a more religious platform.

I bet RP could pull it off though! Let him write the platform for the merged party, and it could really happen!

Let's Reign! (Rev. 5:10)

Let's Reign! (Rev. 5:10)
Valrico (Hillsborough County), Florida