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What Ron PAUL needs

i really think the best thing RON PAUL should do right now is have a free outdoor concert for iowans. theres got to be some famous or semi famous bands out there that support RON PAUL and would gladly donate a show for the campaign. what about willy nelson? hell i'm sure he would support his stance to end the drug war! lol, really its kinda funny but i'm still serious. he would definately raise a crowd if he supports him. but theres got to be other bands out there as well, make it a 3 band show with different genres of music to make everyone happy and in between each band ron paul could practice his freedom of speech by giving a speech of freedom! this would hook alot of people to show up for the straw poll in august. the reason i say free for iowans is because if its free to everyone the crowd may be way too big, although people outside of iowa would be more than welcome to come. they would have to pay because this is really about getting support for the iowa straw poll hell if we get at least 10,000 people to come, we won the straw poll! this would be our most effective attack against the media blackout that we are getting now. people wont be saying "whos Ron Paul?" anymore.

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I agree music is an

I agree music is an important element in a campaign. Especially when there are songs people can sing together. After all, no campaign is made up of people that think 100% alike. Singing unifies a movement. There should be a campaign song, and some "supporters favorites".