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Alan Colmes endorses RonPaul?

I was surprised to hear an endorsement for Ron Paul by Alan Colmes (the Monday program). The interview starts at 9:40.


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Actually their was a sort of endorsement.

Colmes said "He makes the most sense out of almost any of them" right before the interview started.


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Colmes certainly gave Ron Paul a good, decent interview with plenty of opportunities to present his message. Come on though, this is not an endorsement by any means if you listen to the interview. But it's good press for Dr. Paul nonetheless.


Hannity's Panties

Anything that gets the slimeball neocon Sean Hannity's pink panties in a bunch is fine with me. Hmmm, I might have to rethink my position on not having cable TV. Alan's a putty face, but I sure hope he keeps the Ron Paul plugs coming.

If you are not OUTRAGED, you're not paying attention!

i didn`t hear an

i didn`t hear an endorsement,but i did hear an interview that was "fair, balanced, and unafraid".

walter whitt

8 minutes, 40 seconds...

At 8:40-8:45 he said something to the effect of Ron Paul being the only candidate (of the bunch) that was making any sense. Given the scarce media support thus far, I'll take it as an endorsement!


too bad it was on radio and not on tv but good press is good press

Good for Alan

I've known Alan for a long time and he's been a stellar friend over the years; very thoughtful, funny and kind. He has consistently been pro-peace, for fairness and for lawful conduct. Given that many of the democrats voted for the Iraq incursion, voted for the Patriot Act, and lack any backbone in congress (such as impeachment consistently off the table), it's little wonder that Alan likes Dr. Paul's views.

Alan has long been a kind of whipping boy for both liberals (who consider he's too soft) and the republicans (who think he's just wrong ) but Alan may have the last laugh by supporting the one true really sensible candidate.