Introducing the Ron Paul Liberty Dollar

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Good Idea!!!

I just purchased some Coppers today.
I Dont mind waiting for them to arrive.

I Hope others buy some and hand them out like I will.

Received this e-mail after I

Received this e-mail after I orderd my Ron Paul money: It's a hit folks!
Dear Supporter:

Thank you so much for your order! We greatly appreciate your show of support for Ron Paul and the Ron Paul Dollar.

We have received a tremendous response! Wildly more than we had anticipated... just like Ron Paul! Please bear with us as we ramp up to process your order. Plus, we have not received our first order of Ron Paul Dollars yet.

Here is the status:
GOLD die is about done but then it has to be heat treated, etc., before production. We anticipate Gold orders will ship within 60 days.
SILVER order is at the Mint. We should have the first shipment within 30 days. Your order will be filled in the order received... Remember we have a lot of orders to fill. We will fill your order ASAP.
COPPER is on order but due to the circumstances of producing a one dollar item and the copper market itself... please remember that this item will not ship until November. All copper orders are "pre-orders."
We are sorry it will take sooo long but that is the best we can do. If you don’t wish to wait, please cancel your order, as we do not want you to be disappointed.

As much as we appreciate your order and support for Ron Paul... we greatly appreciate your patience too as we work through the tremendous number of orders we have received... and they just keep coming!!! All this shows a lot of support for Ron Paul and that is really good. Please tell somebody about the Ron Paul Revolution today... Let's take back our country! It's time for Constitutionalism! It is time for Ron Paul!

Thanks again for your order and support.

Liberty Dollar Team

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
Thomas Jefferson

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Tips for Freedom?

I just ordered a bunch of the copper Ron Paul dollars, and felt inspired to leave a (lengthy?) comment with my order for the Liberty Dollar staff. I'm reprinting it below.

I'm quite looking forward to the copper Ron Paul dollars, and wish that they would arrive sooner than November. Spenders of Liberty Dollars can get much more recognition for Dr. Paul by spending 20 coppers instead of 1 silver. It is certainly not too early to get as much name recognition for Ron as possible. Indeed, it is critical since the mainstream media is not going to help us. The campaign needs these, and it needed them last month already.

They are inexpensive enough to distribute in small quantities as handouts to potential voters. Many paper handouts (for any candidate) are likely to go (probably unread) into the nearest wastebasket. But few, if any, copper coins are going to get thrown away. People just can't bring themselves to do it. The deep-seated archetype of coins as money, even if those coins aren't "legal tender", is too powerful to allow it. A one dollar copper could potentially have a greater impact than a dollar's worth of paper.

My plans for my order of copper Ron Paul dollars? I intend to distribute them to voters, leave them in tips, spend/barter some, and leave some at random. I especially think they will communicate well as tips. If one appears to be handing out campaign literature/promotions, many people will shut their minds as soon as they see it because of how much they distrust politics. But no one walls off their mind when picking up tips or doing other things of their own will. Combined with the above archetypal power of coinage, I think it could be extremely powerful. Indeed, someone could start a website for a "Tips for Freedom" copper Ron Paul dollar campaign. It would be an excellent way to reach many of the service employees of the country.

I've never exchanged any Fed-Notes for Liberty Dollars before, and hadn't planned to, even as a collectible. Indeed, as a follower of Asatru (a pre-Christian Germanic religion), I consider the references to the Christian god on money (yours or the government's) to be quite odious. I won't go into those reasons here, as that would be a bit lengthy. But the principles that Ron Paul stands for are beneficial to all freedom and liberty-loving peoples, regardless of religion. Indeed, I believe they are principles that transcend religion and exist independent of gods and religions. And for this cause and your uniquely wonderful way of promoting it, I will suffer references to deity that annoy me in order to support it. I hope that others who have not previously obtained Liberty Dollars will put aside their reasons as well in order to make this campaign more effective.

It's perhaps only about 24 hours or so since the launch of these Ron Paul dollars, but I suspect that the coppers are already more popular than you expected. If it can at all be done, please get these out ASAP, not in far off November.

Eirik Westcoat

This is very good.

Hi all. I'm Jim Ray, and the company that employs me (ostensibly a competitor to the Liberty Dollar, but actually Bernard's a friend, because we both know the enemy if the "Federal" "Reserve") is under attack. Below is a URL which will take you to URLs that tell some of the story of the US government's attack on honest money competition. They see what happened to the US Postal service with Fedex, and they don't like imagining what's to come when the world finally groks the fact that dollars are paper, and that pennies aren't even profitable with the zinc slugs we were given in 1982 when copper first proved inflation is real. Anyway, nice to be here among friends.

Ron Paul Liberty Dollar

What a fantastic way to introduce Dr. Paul to your family and friends. Buy as many of the $1 Liberty's as you can and then hand them out. That's putting your money where your mouth is. The Liberty Dollar organization has outstanding resources for you to learn about the problems with our money and how returning to a constitutional form of it will solve the majority of America's problems as Dr. Paul has stated so often.